Poll: What City Do You Declare The Least Fashionable In The World?

Last week we covered what you guys thought was the most fashionable city in the world. We got a lot of shout-outs to New York, Paris, London and San Francisco — all those places that one just might equate with great fashion.

However, this morning I recalled reading an article not too long ago that listed Boston, Boulder (hello, hippies!), Cleveland, Seattle, Vancouver and Harajuku, Japan among some of the least fashionable cities in the world.

As one who was born and raised not far from Boston and with a sister who lives in Boulder so I’m there quite often, I can say that neither one of these place are on the up and up when it comes to style.

The Boulder kids are partial to wearing items of clothing so they can hike a mountain at any given moment. While Bostonians, and I’m not saying this in a negative way at all, are just not very metropolitan in the way they approach their style. As for Vancouver, the problem with them, apparently, is their affinity for wearing yoga pants everywhere. Maybe, like Boulder residents, they just want to be prepared in case they need to be able to drop into a downward facing dog whenever the mood hits.

So let’s play this game one more time and see what city you consider the least fashionable out there.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Sara

      Council Bluffs, IA

    • Avodah

      Ha!!! I grew up there, and I agree 100%. It is horrible. Zuba pants, airbrushed t-shirts, cut-off jeanshorts, mullets, bleached hair, Nascar apparel-you name it. Bravo, Sara! —high five–

      I have since moved to a much larger city where I attend school. I must say that my colleagues won’t be photographed for The Sartorialist anytime soon…

    • MR

      Hmm…my current girlfriend and my last girlfriend are both New Englanders. And correct me if I’m wrong, but Boston is New England’s heart and center? I go there all the time – walk different parts of city – yeah small, yet so urban. I think it’s really cool and very cosmopolitan and see no fashion void there, but wait a second, I’m a guy. :) Hey, I’ll tell you what. I’ll trash it, by not staying over and rushing back to the Berkshires to listen to some classical music at Tanglewood. The latter’s less than an hour from where I live. But you have been to Fenway, haven’t you… :)

      • MR

        I just texted my girlfriend the poll results: Boston in second, only 4.5% behind Vancouver. She texted back “clearly skewed by Yankees fans”.

      • Abena

        I’m a born and bred New Englander and I still voted Boston as least fashionable. There are many great cultural events and activities there, delicious food, etc., but fashion is not one of the city’s strong suits. That said, I’ve never been to Vancouver, so my view is skewed.

      • MR

        @Abena: Well Amanda agrees with you, and my girlfriend lives closer to Montreal than Boston, so I guess we’ll agree that you disagree with each other. I myself think New England women have a very classy look, and one that’s very unique, so that’s my fashion sense on the matter. I haven’t been to Seattle in over 25 years and only saw Vancouver Island – coming in directly by ferry from Washington State – at that same time, so I never saw Vancouver. So whatever view I have on the former is outdated.

    • Kj

      Hmmmn, judging by your last post about this, your view of what makes up “the world” is pretty limited. As in, Western Countries! Awesome!

      At any rate, I would say that Kingston, Ontario (Canada) is the least fashionable city. Everyone aside from the students is a retiree in ill-fitting kitty sweatshirts of teenage mom faux-gangster rednecks, (Yes, such things exist) so it’s pretty painful on the eyeballs.

    • Riskia

      Memphis, TN

    • Kata

      Either Birmingham, England (where stonewash denim goes to die) or Chicago IL, where I saw some of the most hideous ensembles ever….

    • Grace

      90% of the midwest.

    • aj

      Kansas City, MO. HANDS DOWN.

      • Rick

        Agreed 100%

    • MM

      I’m in Vancouver and I have no qualms about calling it a pretty sloppy city. But least fashionable in the world? Surely anyone who says that has never been to Calgary, Winnipeg or Saskatoon.

      • Sarah

        I’m from Calgary, came here to say Calgary. Vancouver’s okay!

      • Dana G

        Agreed. I live in Victoria now, but I’m from Abbotsford. The Fraser Valley is…pretty bad, but Vancouver still beats Calgary.

    • Karen

      I work in Boulder, live nearby. As my husband had a gig in Boulder last Saturday night, instead of the usual Denver-ish bar, I explained to a friend how I had to adjust what I’d wear to said gig. Boulder is perpetually casual-slash-grungy, and when one dresses to “go out,” that means elevating the ensemble to something more in the realm of J.Crew instead of Patagonia. (Not so much fashion fun, as would be had in Denver.)

    • bexkee

      Hamilton, New Zealand. Where Ugg boots go to die.

      • Arnie


    • Cate

      Pretty much anywhere in the Midwest, including, much as it pains me to say it, Chicago.