This Diet Tip Is Terrifying

This weight loss tip is going to make you feel for Mrs. Potato Head in a very real way.

diet tip

Because it’s like you are Mrs. Potato Head. Just slowly ripping off parts of yourself. In a graphic, terrifying way. With a paring knife. I think maybe I am overly uncomfortable with this tip, because I remember, in high school, girls talking about how they wanted to literally slice off pieces of their fat in order to be skinny. This seems uncomfortably close to being a manifestation of that desire. In conclusion, maybe instead you could take that potato, and boil or mash it, and have a side dish with your perfectly reasonable and appropriate dinner. Yes. That’s what you’ll do.

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    • Ninargh

      Well, that’s hilarious and horrific in equal measure. I used to have reoccurring dreams where I shaved bits off myself like some combination between planing wood and sculpting clay until I disappeared entirely – not that surprising, considering my longstanding eating disorder. Calling that ‘questionable advice’ would be a bit of an understatement.

      What magazine IS this?

    • Fabel

      So fucking crazy, I’m trying to picture somebody doing this routine without appearing to be certifiably insane & I can’t. Also, it seems like lately the only thing makes diet tips in health magazines different from those on pro-ana websites is a tone of false-cheerfulness.

    • Jen

      Here’s how I do it:

      1. Take a potato in one hand and a paring knife in the other hand. Just to make things fun and interesting I use my dumb hand to do the paring.

      2. Skip the part with the carving of the name and the chantingof the ridiculous rhyming dietary pep-talk.

      3. Peel the damn potato. Boil it with about ten more peeled potatoes. Mash those spuds with some real butter, whole milk & plenty of salt & pepper.

      4. Plop some potatoes in a large soup bowl and cover liberally with shredded cheese & salsa.

      5. Chow down.

      You’re welcome!

      • Pete

        I love your “advice”. As the boyfriend (15 years and counting) of a “curvy” woman, I am so tired of TV, magazines, advertisements, etc, telling women that they have to be skinny (or whatever adjective they use). I work as a construction worker, and I know well over 600 men, and I can truthfully say that more than 97% of us like full figured women. Eat, enjoy, don’t worry about weight, remember, it’s personality that counts, not dress size!!!

    • Caerie

      Yikes. I hope I don’t have nightmares of cutting chunks of myself off with a potato peeler.

    • Holly

      This really freaks me out. I can’t stop graphically picturing it slicing the fat away…ugh. It’s like when someone mentions a cheese grater and trying not to picture it…well, doing horrible cheese gratery things!

    • Kelsie Rokhamer

      haha! That’s so weird…

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      Kelsie x

    • Allie

      That’s a bit bizarre! Who would suggest that and legitimately think that’s a useful idea?

      I’m all for using motivational techniques to achieve goals, but I’m not sure who would find that motivating.

    • martinnn