Transparent Corset: How Do You Feel?

This is a corset. As you can see, it is transparent. The woman occupying this corset is French pop singer Shy’m, and she wore this number to the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes.

Please note that the corset in question has a lovely fringe about the top, and that it actually appears (although we don’t have confirmation on this) to be made of some type of hardened plastic, so that it likely stands up on its own, and also holds her breasts in that ridiculously perfect pert shape. She sort of looks like a ‘bot, right?

Anyway, I’m so gobsmacked by this thing’s existence that I honestly don’t know what to feel, although I’m inclined to say that I feel good about it, in a somebody-else-is-wearing-it kind of way.

How about you?

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[image via Buzzfeed]

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    • Lo

      Conflicted. Thing that holds my breasts in ridiculously perfect pert shape: love it. Illusion of mildew all over my skin: hate it. Damn you, fashion!

      • Jen


    • Caerie

      Definitely conflicted. I like corsets, but I’m not really seeing how this one works other than being like Bratz clothes where you just snap little plastic things on them.

      And it kind of makes her look like a mannequin.

    • Patricia

      This looks out of Barbarella, so maybe not such a good idea?

    • robert

      it’s fiberglass.

      anyone that’s ever worked with it can TELL.

      I’m sure after she took it off she was pretty miserable for a couple days….

      that sh*t itches like you WON’T BELIEVE!!