Amber Rose Got A Face Tattoo

“Model and aspiring singer” Amber Rose appears to have gotten a face tattoo. Let’s take our time to savor that: Face. Tattoo. She was photographed sporting the regrettable decision in Miami over the weekend, alongside boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. Since Rose is famous at this point (essentially) for stunts like this, we’re thinking there’s a 50% chance the tattoo is real.

If so, however, then face tattoos are no longer the realm of gutter punks, UFC fighters and sight gags in movies. Does that make them any more appealing? …No? We’re going to rephrase that question. Does Amber Rose’s face tattoo make you want one more than you did before? Take this with extreme seriousness.

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Tangentially, Jamie Peck filed a controversial piece recently in which she implored people to stop asking her about the meaning of her tattoos. In the case of people with face tattoos, however, there must be some sort of special case that enables you to ask them simply, “Why?” …right?

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    • *adictaalshopping*

      I would say it might be temporary…but you never know!

    • Ms. Pants

      Saw a story on this early this morning. It’s a fake tat.

    • tiffany

      she is a very beautiful women…..why do your face like that???