5 Facts About Maria Jose Cristerna, The Vampire Woman Of Mexico

vampire woman of mexico

I’m just going to say it, I think she’s brave.

Or, at least, really interesting to look at, though the logic behind her transformation is pretty impressive. And she does seem to have an astonishing capacity to withstand pain (judging from these photos from Buzzfeed). Like, here:

Intrigued? Here are 5 interesting facts about her

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    • Emily Wells

      That’s disgusting.

      • Sam

        I don’t see how decisions that don’t affect anybody, including herself, negatively are “disgusting.” But to each her own is what I believe in.

    • Sunshine

      I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.

    • Nancy

      I don’t understaned why anybody would do this. But to each their own! I don’t know if I’d call it ‘brave’ though, since I read a wonderful littel rant about what bravery means by one of my favorite writers a couple of days ago, and I’m not sure this would apply ;) lol

      It’s interesting though that you’d think going makeup-less is not brave but making crazy changes to yourself is. Just because, I think the total opposite. When I see someone overly done up, I’m wondering what it is that they don’t like about themselves or what they’re trying to hide. And I think it’s wonderful when people aren’t afraid to not wear make-up. I wonder what that says about us?

      • Jennifer Wright

        I was joking a bit about it being brave. But I do think that it was motivated by reasons! It sounds like she was coming out of a very bad relationship, and wanted to find a way to rediscover her own strength. If this did that for her, well, that’s interesting.

      • Odbery

        Pretty sure the “brave” comment was just a joke in light of that article.

      • Nancy

        True! If that’s the case for her, then goood for her! I love guys, but relationships can be a mind-*bleep*

      • Nancy

        Oh and @Odbery: As was I.

    • Sam

      I actually do think it’s always at least somewhat brave to alter something about yourself even if you believe others’ opinions might be negative. If a couple weeks ago, lots of us readers were defending people’s tattoos decisions, then how come all of a sudden, this woman’s aren’t good enough for us to defend? So basically, if somebody else’s decisions with his or her body don’t fall into your range of “good taste,” it’s okay to criticize him or her? That bums me out. I’m sure I sound a little self-righteous, but I guess I just don’t dig critiquing others’ permanent decisions (fashion, sure, but not something that somebody has made a part of herself), whether it’s elective surgery, tattoos, injections, etc.

      On an unrelated note, suspension does not always take a huge pain threshold. For many, many people, it’s much more of a psychological barrier that needs to be gotten over. :)

      • Lizzie

        well-said. I would never do anything like this but she’s not harming anyone so I’m not judging her. Although I do wonder if her appearance has jeopardized her career as a lawyer..

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      She’s happy in her skin, she’s at what sounds like a safe, amazing spot in her life, and she looks fantastic. I adore her.

    • NotThumper

      I find the first comment about lawyers in bad taste, not all of them are “bloodsuckers”.

    • Jules

      “I think she’s brave”. I thinks she’s disgusting

      • Alex

        Well no one asked what you think, did they? No one is forcing you to look at her.

    • Patricia

      all I could think was that it might be really painful for someone to accidentally bump his/her head on hers while having sex.

      Apart from that, to each their own, right?

    • Naomi

      She’s her own work of art! Good on her.

    • Amy

      Glad you did the sideshow. It was pretty good. I saw her pics on a tattoo feed a few days ago but there was no explanation as to what prompted her to do all this. I have to be honest, I find her a little bit both fascinating and tragic at the same time. I don’t think it’s so much the face tattoos as the implants that really take you aback. But as a mother who went thru a horrible divorce from a horrible pig/dog/humanoid, I know that there’s a process for some to find oneself. I’m not sure if swinging from a meat hook would’ve helped me, but oh do I love me some horror movies and tattoos…! I wish her and her children happiness and prosperity.

    • Ruby

      Im fairly sure these decisions could potentially affect both her and her children negatively. Imagine trying to explain your vampire mummy to your school chums. Also I find it hard to imagine an area of the law in which her appearance would go down well. Facial tattooes and filed teeth are generally a no no. I hope for the sake of her and her children shes found a way to make it work, obviously shes escaped from an extremely negative relationship but I cant help finding this irresponsible. If she didnt have dependent children maybe I’d feel differently.

      • Sam

        She seems to be doing all right considering she does get quite a bit of support from the body arts community (which is rather enormous). Additionally, if she still considers her career title “lawyer” rather than “former lawyer,” that implies she must be working somewhere. If she’s a good mother, then her children are probably fine and understand that she simply looks different–seriously, kids are capable of things like unconditional love and understanding, too. And to be honest, unless she’s somehow actually abusing them, it’s really not our business whether or not she raises her children to ignore to others’ criticism and dictate their own appearances.

        Facial tattoos + filed teeth don’t need to be a no-no. Enforcing societal restrictions on how people “should” look or behave is a slippery slope, and not one that should be encouraged. As a kid, I got bullied for being biracial, have had plenty of gay friends bullied for being “too effeminate” or “too butch” which is still considered quite a no-no in many places, and I (plus most people I know) have been insulted at some point for choosing to look a certain way. Yes, these things are obviously not the same as getting tattoos and implants, but my point is that people tend to disapprove of things appearance- and behavior-wise that they do not understand, and that enforcing those little “codes” is not okay. Years ago, women would be insulted for wearing pants–which is certainly a choice–because it was a no-no, despite not hurting anybody with that choice. I think it’s ridiculous to act as though a person’s choices regarding his or her appearance should dictate how others treat them and that the fewer people who believe this to be set in stone/an a-okay thing, the better.

        Sorry, I’m sure I’m coming off as more argumentative than I mean to. I just got off a 12-hour workday though so forgive me, haha.

    • Tony

      For anyone,she might look disgusting but it is her choice. We can’t understand why she’s doing that and what she went through because we are not her. If that’s make her fulfilled and she treats anyone nicely then that’s fine.

    • Jack

      She looks really sweet before her transformation. Guess she just loves pain and the domestic abuses she has gone through probably transforms her into a ghoul to haunt her tormentor for life. Can’t imagine how a lawyer would marry an abusive drug addict in the first place? So much so for Mexico’s law.

      • obsidian death

        Wow. Just wow.

    • heather

      No one here has the right to call anyone ‘disgusting’ for the way they look, it’s ignorant and below a member of civilised society. I don’t know how people have the nerve to talk about bad parenting whilst being so overtly narrow minded as if that were the best way to raise children, to suggest that anyone who doesn’t fit the aesthetic confines of what you deem normal should be denied the right to raise children is not a direction the evolved human mind goes. Children of gay parents have been bullied at school, children of mixed race parents have been bullied at school even children of disabled parents have been bullied in school. So what I’m saying is that it is the attitude of people who judge people merely by appearance that makes bullying of this kind an issue in the first place.

    • Scott

      I think she is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Im very proud of her for doing her body mods & not letting what other people think influence her!!!! BRAVO MARIA BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!! Your very beautiful & sexy!!!

      • SFFD

        omg u think shes beautiful?? you have some mental issues yourself

      • Alex

        You must have mental issues if you think it’s okay to judge someone because of their appearances, however extreme they may be.

    • marie

      it wonders me how she did those vampire theeths.—

      • Marie

        it wonders you?

    • apple

      this kind of “body art” is not normal, not realistic.i believe she really has some issue to face and over come rather than covering her body with these.tattoo and piercing make is fine be them multiple but not to this extent.you think this is normal?we are born beautiful and normal if we learn to accept.some additions are fine but not this kind of change she looks like a monter already.

    • bman

      fu*king crazy

    • bman

      obviously, there is some sort of mental problem here, and I can’t believe the amount of bloggers on here who act like this behavior is healthy and normal

      i’m an open minded person, but good grief, this is not normal behavior, and there is no way in hell i’d let an attorney who looked like this represent me in a legitimate court of law
      i’m sorry
      i seriously feel bad for her children, and it makes it worse when people are like “she looks good, its okay to be different yada yada yada”
      i’m all for that, but this is too much and taken to the furthest extreme

      why not dress up like this a couple times a year for shits and giggles and then go back to the normal look? makes more sense to me, and your kids don’t grow up effed in the head in the process

      • Irma

        You are so right!

      • Verónica.

        You totally read my mind!

      • Alex

        Who are you to judge what is normal? She obviously has a different standard of normal, and she has every right to that.
        There might be a mental problem, but there might not. Even if she does, why do you care? It isn’t your body. No one is forcing you to look at her. No one is forcing you to look like her. Stop complaining.

        Also, just because she has tattoos and modifications, that doesn’t make her an unfit parent. Stop being so judgmental.

      • Grizzly-Magnum

        Then why do we have mental hospitals? I agree with the OP, she has some kind of mental illness

      • Mel

        We have to be judgmental because it is not your parent who is like this creature. And we certainly don’t want to grow up in a perverted society with creeps like you passing it as her right. I am sorry it is not her right…she belongs to the devil and is spreading Satanism and devil worship as something cool to kids . May be you are as fu*ked up as she is so both go where you belong and don’t you dare question whats normal moralistically ‘coz obviously your bent of mind is somewhere else.

      • B

        Actually if you did any research you’d know she is a devout catholic, and was raised in a
        Traditional catholic home.

      • obsidian death

        You have no right to judge her choice of appearance same as nobody has the right to judge you based on your lack of tattoos/etc as tattoos are fairly normal these days. This is not the furthest extreme, she is doing this to empower herself… it’s not like she’s mutilating herself as far as body function (like people going through FGM or penectomy – THOSE are the things you should be against). As far as she goes, rock on! It’s basically the opposite, she’s reclaiming herself versus being taken away from herself, if tattoos and hook suspension is her way, <3.

      • p

        Of course we have the right to judge her. Every one can voice our own opinion. So I’m saying this that she’s not normal. She’s ill. She looks like satan. Illuminata.

      • Mike McKallicuffy

        you don’t know anything about her past do you?

    • Irma

      Ugly sick attentionseeking!

      • Lindz

        you just done respect the unique character she is. stop hating what you don’t understand .. or you are just scared.. one of the two

    • weals

      Insane. Makes no sense. El Diabolo in person. Ugly. Not beautiful. We don’t need another deamon on earth, those here are enough

    • neysa crowley

      I think she is amazing and brave.

    • Alek

      I mean, good for her to do what she wants and all, but had I known about her, and saw her walking down the street, I would probably yell “demon!” and call the police. I think there’s a limit on how much you can change your appearance from ‘human’ until it gets just way too out of control. She looked beautiful before.

      • obsidian death

        When she was getting raped and beaten by her ex husband you mean?

      • Alesha

        Being raped and beaten is no excuse here. Yes, it’s a pity and I feel sorry for her, it’s totally wrong that things like this happen (I mean cases of domestic violence), but the fact that she disfigured herself like this means she has serious mental problems. It’s an extreme case of self-mutilation and there’s no way anyone can say that’s normal. You can like it, but I don’t.

      • Jordan

        I think her point is she doesn’t want to be felt sorry for. This is her empowerment, she took control of her body and her life and this is the outward appearance of that control.

    • g

      I would tap that before the horns & crap.. after.. I wouldn’t accept oral at least lol

    • Leeah

      I like her because she is different and because she expressed herself this way she is beutiful

    • jj

      This is sick! I completely agree with bman. The rest of you telling she looks nice, stop being hypocrites, since you are also judging the way she looks.

    • WatchHawk

      To all of you granola freaks that glorify her for deliberately transforming herself into something uglier than a beast out of Revelation;This is her quote on Slide 4: “It’s my vampire dream to be immortal!”

      And you say she doesn’t have a mental issue? That she is not abnormal? Okay. Sure.

    • Sheryar sheikh

      Oh my God.i dont know why she did that with herself.she is really really insane.