Glamour Debuts Redesigned Cover

Earlier today, we showed you Harper’s Bazaar‘s sleek new cover look. It features Gwyneth Paltrow looking decidedly mysterious and, we have to admit, alluring, in a “what does her make-up look like behind that curtain of hair”/”goddammit she has the legs of a thoroughbred” kind of way.

As sort of a lesson in non-competition, Glamour has also unveiled a new cover design, and while it’s also much less wordy than the previous cover design, it’s not anywhere near as artistic as the new Harper’s.

Instead, it looks kind of like a bad advertisement for what the magazine is all about: “Sex, Shopping, Beauty, Guys, Gossip.” What are they going to put on next month’s cover? “Sex, Shopping, Beauty, Guys, Gossip…Again”? It doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for growth.

That said, aesthetically I prefer the dialed-down look, and I like the more relaxed, fun and kitschy photo, although I wish that Amanda Seyfriend hadn’t been Photoshopped to within inches of her life.

What do you think?

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    • MM

      All I can think is that they totally ruined Amanda Seyfried’s face. WTF happened?

    • KeLynn

      Agreed that it looks like an advertisement – when I first saw it peeking out of my mail pile (without the masthead uncovered) I thought it was an ad for something.

      Anyway, I like that this photo has more going on than “pretty woman with a wind machine in front of a landscape or background cloth.” I hope they keep this up.

    • Annie

      I don’t get it. Why did someone put Beyonce’s make-up on Amanda Seyfried and then hand her a blow dryer? And why is she wearing the rejected upholstery from an antique chair? And why are all the adjectives and sections mismatched? Shouldn’t it be “easy guys,” “guilt-free sex,” “everything you want to know about gossip,” “hot insider beauty,” and “lots of shopping?” This is just one big, fat fail, Glamour.

    • Stephanie

      I like the spare cover direction, but that janky drop shadow behind the Glamour logo is awful.

    • Corissia

      I like that this is their cover after stating that they’re going to photoshop their images less.