Check Out This Hilariously Uncomfortable Family Photo

awkward family photo

Everyone in this first family photo looks unenthusiastic about this, except for the father to be. Who, honestly, doesn’t really need to be shirtless.

What I like best about this astonishingly awkward photo is the way drawn-on-baby seems to realize that this is a really weird idea. He likely also doesn’t understand why the base of his umbilical cord is tinted red while the rest of him is black and white. I have a feeling that this baby is going to be questioning a lot of decisions once he makes it out of the womb. Do that, little guy. Do that.

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    • Jo

      Doesn’t the umbilical cord base just look tinted because it’s the lady’s belly button?

    • abcd

      I think the umbillical cord base is the belly button, @JO. What’s weird to me (aside from, you know, the whole thing) is why the umbillical cord seems to kinda float over to the side then come right back to reattach on the baby. I’m, like, 56% sure that’s not how it works….

    • 89

      the guy looks like a post-op transexual

    • Lady Badger

      Does anyone else notice that her face is also a different color than her body?

      Also, these sort of semi-nude to totally-nude pregnancy pics are strange to me. Why does the man have to be disrobed too? Does anyone else feel this way?