Now You Can Own “Five Finger” Flip-Flops

WWD filed a brief update yesterday on the launch of a summer collection for footwear brand Sazzi, yet nowhere in its 300 or so words does it mention that the shoes are outrageously ugly. Sure, it describes the styles, the price points, the eco-friendly materials… but it never breaks character and exclaims, “Holy fuck! These are the ugliest shoes of all time.”

We can kind of see the appeal of the original “five finger” style to hikers and other outdoorsy types, but a flip-flop? Tell us a single place where these are appropriate. Or functional.

They do, however, let the company’s founder Mark Thatcher try and justify the style’s existence. Thatcher (who is an alum of Teva, of course) says one gets “more athletic and lateral control by using multiple toe posts.” Why you’d need more points of articulation on a flip-flop, we don’t know, but… there you have it.


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    • Meghan Keane


      • Roxana Rusowsky

        I feel the same way, Meghan.

    • Lily

      Who would wear this, it amazingly ugggggggggly!!!!!!!

    • Rachel

      Now I can get blisters in between all of my toes :P