Lana Del Rey Landed A Vogue Cover

We were hoping this was fake.

Fallen songstress and newly-minted model Lana Del Rey landed the March cover of British Vogue (a significant issue if ever there was one). She’s wearing Louis Vuitton and “adding some edge” with the knuckle ring and press-on nails. No matter how universal the scorn for her album and in spite of her much-maligned SNL performance, this PR machine will keep chugging forward until we’re all a bunch of listless automatons, slurring the words “gangster…. NancySinatra…” as drool collects at our feet.

We’ll be avoiding this issue like some sort of lip-inflating plague.


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    • Allison

      I don’t understand the “universal scorn” for her album. I listened, expecting something bad based on all the negative hype, but found myself really enjoying it. There isn’t a song on there that makes me dive for the skip button.

      • KeLynn

        From what I’ve gathered, people dislike her because she is rich? I don’t know. The 1 interview I’ve read with her, she sounds like an idiot. But I still really like her music.

    • Ellen W.

      I can make no comment on her album but her hair looks terrific.

    • nicole

      i would say i don’t hate her or her music, but i found it all quite unremarkable. definitely not worthy of the hype that surrounds her…