The Union Jack Dress: How Do You Feel?

Once upon a time, a Spice Girl named Geri Halliwell wore a Union Jack swimsuit that was called a dress by members of the media and the world at large even though her crotch was visible during a performance at 1997 BRIT Awards (see above).

Since then, the “dress” has kind of been associated with her, and now, Halliwell has revived it. As part of her collaboration with British retailer Next, Halliwell created a dress that actually covers the labia, and is a knock-off of the one she wore so many years ago. Here it is:

As an aside, Haliwell looks exactly like Jane Krakowsi, right?

Anyway, how do you feel about her dress? I think it looks cheap and tacky and I would never wear it. Your turn.

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    • Karen


    • Nancy

      The more recent one looks awful, but when she wore it the first time it was awesome lol come on now, we cant critisize her for that when we praise lady gaga for her costume choices. lol. It was just cool the first time. it just was haha. I was preteen at the time tho, so I understand my bias.

    • Debbie

      It would be OK if it wasn’t shiny.

    • woo

      The 90′s one is rad, and Ginge looks FIERCE!

      The new one is weird and Ginge looks worse than her Mme Tussauds wax model! Did she get an eye-moving-further-apart operation as part of her obviously large suite of plastic surgery?

    • Daisy

      I actually prefer the original version, at least that one had balls and it still looked less cheap than this shiny version.

    • jessica

      The first one was actually made out of a teatowel. The second one is hideous.

    • Stephany

      She should have just rocked the old one. Unabashedly slutty and 90′s tacky chic rolled into one. The second one is just trying to hard to be somewhat normal.

      • Kj

        Eeeesh. Agreed. The first one is like, “Grrrrrrrrl power! Why yes, you can see my crotch, and I don’t care!!” …that’s the point of the dress.

        …and why does the second one have like, flames on it?!