Gallery: The Seven Kinds Of Self-Portraits Posted By Bloggers

Earlier today, Jennifer posted a gallery of your beautiful, cowardly faces, and I found it delightful. It was fun to see what some of our readers look like, and also to poke holes in the idea that going barefaced (something a lot of people do all the time, anyway) is enough to earn the stamp of “bravery.” But that’s not the only idea that deserves to have holes poked in it! There are many other disingenuous ways to post photos of oneself; here are seven of them. (Or rather, six plus one honest one.) And lest you accuse me of throwing stones from a glass house, I will admit to being guilty of most or all of them at some point in my life. After all, I’m using examples from my own collection.

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    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      I’m so glad that this post exists. I think about this whenever I have to use a picture of myself. And I probably always wind up with one of these.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      “I really need to go get my chakras aligned.”

      You beautiful bitch. I could kiss you.

      • Sam

        That sentence made me LOL pretty dern hard, too.

    • Anna Ryan

      I see how xojane can get annoying, but why all the bitching?

    • Amanda Chatel

      You’re so lovely and have far better tattoos than me… we’re in row, Ms. Peck.

    • Jinx

      It’s really sexy that you know how to laugh at yourself.

    • Jennifer Wright

      I like the way your manicure looks like no nail polish at all. Invisible manicures are the new trend!

      • Jamie Peck

        They don’t have them in Manhattan yet.

    • woo

      Maybe this is the wrong reaction, but I LIKE THAT CAT A LOT! I LOVE BROWN CATS!!

    • Steve P

      To be able to laugh at yourself is the sure sign of true humility. Good for you!