• Fri, Feb 3 2012

Submit Your Valentine’s Day Stories For Love/Hate Week – Win A Brahmin Bag

brahmin black tote

Have you ever experienced a Valentine’s Day of any kind?

Did you love it? Did you hate it? Was there one in particular that you loved/hated? You should tell us about it.

Specifically, you should tell us about it in 600-800 words for Love/Hate week at TheGloss. We’ll be taking submissions at Jennifer[at]thegloss.com or Ashley[at]thegloss.com, and on Valentine’s day we’ll vote for a winner, who will receive this super snappy Brahmin tote bag. You will note it is not a Valentine’s day color, but that’s because you’re not going to walk around all year with a neon pink bag, and, obviously, because we wanted it to match your heart.

We can assure you, you’ll love it.

Please begin telling your stories, now.

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  • mary clay

    it was v-day my freshman year in college. we had just returned from a week skiing in colorado and i had “hooked up” with this tall blond guy who was a man of few words, but, he was HOT! dates included hanging out in his dorm! so, anyway, i was walking on campus on v-day and i noticed it had started snowing, oh and i saw him race by on a motorcycle with a mystery chick in back! we never spoke again!

  • Mira Vengeance

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years.
    Every year I blatantly hint that all I want are flowers.
    And every year on valentines day, I don’t even get a single flower.
    Recently when I asked why I don’t get any flowers from him for v-day or our anniversaries, his answer was “oh. I just thought flowers are useless”

  • Jessie9276

    Valentines is just another day to show my man how much I love him <3