Michelle Williams: A Lesson In How To Fashionably Evolve With Class And Grace

I have to be honest: every time I plan to grow my hair out, I see a photo of Michelle Williams with her perfectly cute, pixie ‘do and I’m forced to run to the salon and have them snip it all away. To me she is a trendsetter who, despite a devastating loss, has persevered and come out on top. She is strength and courage personified. And for this generation of actors, Williams has not only solidified herself as a true talent, but a style icon.

But even the greatest style icons need to start somewhere, and in Williams’ case it was on a dock with some guy named Dawson. Granted it was the 1990′s but back then she did occasionally wear some pretty frumpy mom jeans. Sometimes it takes at least a decade to get in to a Valentino dress, if ever at all.


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    • Kj

      Aaaw, she looks so happy at the Brokeback Mountain premiere!

      Also: Man, I hated Dawson’s Creek. Soooo lame. Even as a goofy emo teenage I found it way too corny. Glad she made something out of it.

    • LCT

      Did you read that GQ article?? I was in tears by the end. She’s such an amazing woman.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I haven’t read it yet, but considering how much I cried over that one quote about why she keeps her hair short, I may have to wait on the GQ article! But yes, she is truly amazing and a class act.

    • A.

      pretty sure slide 10 is Carey Mulligan

    • Brandy Alexander

      I mean… doesn’t she just look skinnier and skinnier? Her boobs looks like they’ve got from C to A.