Poll: How Would You React If Your Mother Called Your Boss?

Presumably, if you are a young adult getting ready to apply for a full-time job, you can do things like email a resume and speak to adults. But a new report finds that lots of young people have helicopter parents straight through from the playground to middle school to job-seeking — parents who call their kids’ employers or would-be employers, and even show up for their kids’ interviews.

I would find this so mortifying and unacceptable that it’s difficult to even imagine my mother even imagining doing it. Probably because she never would. I don’t know who these people are, but I can’t help having a very strong adverse reaction to them.

Anyway, how about you? Do you think this is a big deal? Or not really?

P.S. — I’m using the term “mother” here for ease of language. Please feel free to substitute “father” in if it’s more applicable to you.

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    • Quin

      So, I’m 17 and my parents actually were thiiiiiiis close to calling my boss because I kept getting scheduled for too many hours during the schoolyear after I talked to my boss. Luckily, I avoided it by, well, I don’t even know. I talked to my boss and told her my parents would flip out if I got scheduled more than x hours during the schoolyear.
      Anyways, I was pretty pissed at my parents about that, because it’s my business if I’m working enough that it effects my grades, since it’s me who won’t get into college and whatever else. -shrugs-

      • Jennifer Dziura

        I just want to say that this is totally fine if you’re a minor, which you are! Your parents can make medical decisions for you and have to sign for field trips! But once you’ve graduated from college, things … change.

    • Elizabeth

      I was writing for a popular blog, and at one point the commenters got a little aggressive, as commenters are wont to do from time to time.

      And my mother showed up and started fighting with them about how I was awesome and they were all just jealous. I swear to god, I thought I was going to die.

    • Arnie

      Only time it would ever be acceptable was when I was working in the same classroom as my mother. And even then, she can give my details to her boss, and then we’ll talk directly. I could not handle having either of my parents trying to fight any battles or do any tricky things for me.

    • mjhighroad

      I have been involved in hiring for various institutions and firms. I would not hire someone if their parents became involved in that process. I would also make it clear to any employee that their parent is not a welcome participant in the employer – employee relationship.

    • T-Lex

      At first I was horrified by this post because the thought of my mother doing such a thing…and then I thought about it a little more. First of all my summer job through college was as a cashier for a home improvement store. My mother who also worked for the store was the one who got me that job.

      So thinking about this I have to say that yes I am sure some of these kids have had their butts wiped from preschool till now but how different is it from kids who get jobs due to their parents. Its not strange for someone from a well connected family to have their parent contact a friend to get their kid a job. So I cannot entirely s**t on parents who in many ways are just trying to do the same thing.

    • El

      The only time my parents have ever contacted my boss have been when I’ve been in urgent care…I couldn’t call work myself, so they did for me. Otherwise: I’m on my own, and happy to be that way!