Video: The Five Most Sexist Superbowl Ads

It’s 2012. Do you know where your backwards, sexist stereotypes are? Ah yes, they are in the ads that aired during the Superbowl this year, and continue to air on Youtube. Because only men buy cars, flowers, and websites. Let’s take a look.

First, we have a Best Buy ad that highlights gender imbalance in the field of technology. Would it have killed them to dig up one app developer who was not white and male? How about Fashism’s Brooke Moreland?

People are also saying this M&M ad is sexist, but I don’t really agree that it’s sexist against women. The brown M&M seems like a cool, collected woman of today, while the green M&M is as oafish and mockable as ever. If anything, it’s sexist against men, which counts, too.

Then there’s the notoriously douchey, whose ad this year uses a naked model to try to convince you that “.co” is a better suffix for your website than “.com.” That girl is really hot and all, but I think we’ll be sticking with “” for the foreseeable future.

I can’t rag on this ad too much, though, because “using pretty people to sell things” is a tactic that pales in comparison to “using damaging sexist stereotypes to sell things,” which is present in full force in this Fiat ad:

This ad perpetuates the idea that women are secretly turned on by street harassment (hollaback, yo) as well as the idea that women are cars, which I’m pretty sure can be easily debunked by science?

As feminist musician and writer Amy Klein put it:

My personal award for “most sexist Superbowl ad,” though, goes to the one featuring Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima reminding us that male-female relations are essentially transactional in nature, with men trading gifts for sexual favors, which women, in turn, perform not because we enjoy them, but in order to obtain more gifts, money, and babies:

There are literally a million things they could have had her say that would’ve been less sexist. But I guess “give your partner flowers, because flowers are nice and will make her happy,” doesn’t activate those caveman urges in quite the same way.

Which ad did you find the most ridiculous? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

(Via Mother Jones)

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    • Tania

      Go Daddy managed to get my friend’s domain name, and now they’re selling it for $1,800 Canadian. Yup, notoriously douchey! (Although yes, bad on my friend for letting it expire in the first place).

      Those were all terrible.

    • Robyn

      Thought the last ad was the most sexist, then the second-last… Also, is that cappuccino fluff supposed to resemble ejaculate?

      I actually found the M&M ad quite hilarious though.

      • Paula Griswold

        I feel like a throwback. I remember the Ms. No Comment section, and all of these deserved to be at the top of the list. (except the M&M ad….come one, that was just sweet and silly. For heaven’s sake, even for the sensitive – it was the guy that stripped down.)…but the others were outrageous. Aren’t we worried about our daughters?

    • Kj

      Noooooooo I shouldn’t have watched the Adriana Lima one…

      *self esteem plunges*

    • misenhammer

      Hmmm… well, the godaddy one is predictably douchey, as stated. The Adriana Lima one is also ridiculous and dumb.

      The M&M one doesn’t offend me. The first one– I think one of those men might be vaguely ethnic, possibly? can’t really tell, and regardless you make some good points. I’m not horribly offended, but I am rolling my eyes in annoyance.

      The fiat one is fuzzy for me. On the one hand, I can now see how one might see this as perpetuating the very awful “no means yes” concept. But when I saw it initially, my first reaction was, “She is a bad bitch. She caught that man looking at her and she slapped him all sexy-like and then said some hot shit in italian and got him all turned on and then was all, ‘you can’t REALLY have me, sucka,’” all of which seemed pretty hot. But now that you mention it I feel weird and guilty for finding it sexY instead of sexIST. Hmmm….

    • Alexis

      Ok, the Go Daddy one I can agree with. However, I think that it’s completely ridiculous to call any of the others sexist. You’re just overreacting; this is why we can’t have good commercials in the US because there are too many people that get “offended.” In the bestbuy ad, their intention is clearly not to draw people’s attention to the fact that they’re all men, that’s just the reality of the matter. It’s not sexist, there are just significantly less women working in the technology field than men. For the mnm ad, I have not heard a single male complain about that advertisement. It’s funny so don’t try to construe it as sexist. The fiat one is hillarious. If anything, it’s a joke from an Italian company about Italian culture. It’s not saying that women are objects. It’s saying cars are precious so we should treat them almost like people. There’s a huge difference. Also, get over the victoria secret ad. Don’t try to pretend that you would not like flowers on valentine’s day. They know the truth of the matter so stop trying to act as though its because you’re a woman. Most “people” like to receive something. Listen well fellow ladies. You can be feminist and still not try to ruin america by making it oversensitive. Men get treated like shit in commercials more if just as much as woman. So take a break, have a little fun, and shut the f**** up. Men in the US are not out there trying to ruin anyones lives.