Men Tell Us: If They Care If Women Watch Sports

football jersey girl

You know those “cool girls” who are all about humoring their boyfriend by watching sports, and yet, who never seem to express any interest in sports in private? Guess what, men don’t even care. Or do they? No, seriously, they don’t.

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    • Megan

      Sooo…Jamie posts an article about sexist Super Bowl ads, and Jennifer posts an article expressing the view that women only “like” sports in relation to men.


      Can’t I just like sports, and not have it matter that I’m a girl? Because I don’t give a crap what guys think about my sports thinking.

    • Ashley

      I don’t care what some random dude off the street thinks of my love of sports. And I really hate how every conversation about women and sports has to centre around whether or not it’s a turn-on to men. Ten points to Charlie for pointing out the whole “shared interests” thing.

      Articles like this just irritate the crap out of me. I would like to think that the average woman in today’s society can cultivate her own interests without constantly wondering whether it will please a man. Can’t we (men and women) just like what we like?

      • MR

        Good point. My love of baseball comes from my grandmother and mother, who were both diehard Brooklyn Dodgers fans before the team relocated to Los Angeles – the Mets are the replacement. I’m not going to tell you all the details of what was going on at my grams house, during the ’69 World Series – I was 7, but boy I do remember it. My grandfather preferred football, but he wasn’t passionate about it. When women are passionate about a sport, watchout. :)

    • Brooke

      Omg. I wonder what guys think about me loving the UFC? Not.

    • Nancy

      Well, as a blog post that took up aproximately 1 minute of my life, I’m not going to assume that it’s a huge insult to womankind everywhere and just say,

      This is cool, I’m glad most guys don’t care because I cannot make myself enjoy watching sports on television. *thumbs up*