What Your Favorite Disney Villain Says About Your Level Of Awesomeness

awesome disney villains

Remember when, in Annie Hall, Woody Allen pointed out that even though you were supposed to love Snow White, he was always in love with The Evil Queen? Woody Allen knew what he was on about. Since we’ve established that loving a Disney princess indicates that you’re a hopeless neurotic, we figured we should come at this from the other side. Here’s what your favorite Disney villain says about how cool you are.

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    • Kj

      Ursula all the way! “In my day we had fantastical feasts at the palace. Now look at me, wasted away to practically nothing.”

      Also, this article reminds me of the masterpiece of creepy that is Jafar. Ugh.

    • Fabel

      I always liked Maleficent, buuut Ursula is pretty great. And she had the best song (although the villians usually always have the best song) “You’ll have your looks…your pretty face…and don’t underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAGE”

      • woo

        Ursula’s singing in that particular song reminds me of when Futurama do a Nixon impersonation.

    • LaLa

      Where the hell is Scar????

    • LCT

      Yeah, Jafar was a creepazoid.
      Maleficent is simply DIVINE! She’s been my favorite since I was 5. And although I kind of hate Angelina Jolie, I am freaking STOKED about the new live action movie coming out soon with her as the crow-stroking diva.

    • Audrey

      Gaston is my favorite Disney villain and my favorite illiterate person in the whole world.

    • Alexi

      No Cruella Deville? :’(

    • Allison

      My favorite villains were the hyenas in the Lion King. They were so tortured – all they wanted was a nice meal and not to live in a graveyard! That doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

    • Lauren

      I pretty sure the reason I don’t get invited to parties is because of my amazing hat.

      Also, do you think Gov. Radcliffe and all the villains like The Gloss since they clearly have an affinity for purse dogs?

      • Lauren

        I love having grammar errors when I can’t delete and correct. It makes me feel human.

    • Court

      Also Gov. Radcliffe was kind of a major racist… so there’s that…

    • Rachael

      Um, Frollo? Where are you, Frollo?

    • Geo

      Yeah! LaLa’s right. Were’s SCAR!! ” I killed MUFASA”