Watch Two Complete A**holes Buy Out The Entire Jason Wu For Target Collection

Jason Wu for Target launched this weekend and nearly sold out all over the country. Maybe it was the bright dresses, the ladylike tops… or these two assholes.

An enterprising couple in Miami hit Target on the opening day of the collection… and bought the entire stock. They told onlookers that they intended to resell every piece. Target is supposed to enforce a two garment per person rule (even one per style, anything!) but apparently Miami Targets are incompetent.

Oh, and if you didn’t already think they were dicks, apparently they told onlookers that they “could buy the merchandise from [them] outside.”

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    • Kat

      What jerks.

      More importantly, the video ads you guys have on the right side bar are absolutely obnoxious. Especially the ones that restart and have no “stop” button…

    • Kinzi

      These guys are truly capitalizing jerks.

      But more importantly, Kat is right – those ads are obnoxious. They remind me of cheap websites that have idiot audiences. Come on guys, class it up.

    • Abigail

      I’m confused about why this is being bitched about. I mean, if Target has that rule, and ignored, that’s a different issue, but this couple was doing exactly the same thing that the entire free world does every day. Purchasing something in high demand for one price and reselling it for a higher price to make a profit. Is it a bit lame? Yes. Would I be desperate enough for Jason Wu garments to buy them on Ebay or in a parking lot? No. But that doesn’t make them douchebags. It makes them capitalists.

      • Andrea

        Capitalists douchebags

    • I Mean What

      Target Whore: A Target Whore is a person or couple of people (no necessarily romantically inclined) who have no sense of style however do have an Ebay Store Account. They run to the Target Superstoe on the eve of the launch of a Capsule Designer Collection and fill shopping carts with mounds of crap—which for the most part—it is.