Does Michelle Williams Make Victoria Beckham’s Clothing Line Legit?

Whenever a singer or actress comes out with a line of clothing, you have to wonder if it’s an ego thing or they really feel as though they have something to contribute to fashion. Unlike the rest of us, they do have accessibility to designers that most of us will only dream of, so it’s no wonder a decent amount try their hand at the design end of fashion. And exactly what will it take for, say, a former Spice Girls’ line, to be taken seriously? Will a respectable Academy Award nominated actress do the trick?

For the second time, Michelle Williams stepped out into the limelight donning yet another Victoria Beckham dress. The first time was back on January 14th at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to the BAFTA Tea Party, then she did it again yesterday at the 84th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon. Both times Williams chose dresses from Victoria by Victoria Beckham‘s 2012 runway collection.

Most designers would kill for such exposure, especially on a such a reputable and rising actress, so it’s interesting to see that Williams has chosen from Beckham’s line not once but twice in less than a month. Are they in cahoots perhaps?

Either way, the sweet rain cloud dress with the Peter Pan collar does look exceptional on the pixie actress, don’t you agree? Does this mean we can expect her in a Beckham dress for the Oscars, too? Thoughts?

(photo: Getty)

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    • Fabel

      I don’t know what it is, but I…don’t like Michelle Williams.

      • endn

        oh my god, I KNOW!!!! I just don’t get it!! Haha, thank you for speaking up!

    • Aj

      Could she have picked something more unflattering?

    • Meghan Keane

      But that dress is terrible. Right?

      • Amanda Chatel

        Fine! The dress is terrible, but she’s just so damn cute, I think she can kinda pull it off.

    • Jill

      As Tom and Lorenzo so aptly said “twee as fuck”.

    • miinxi

      personally I think the dress is adorable!