Look At Diane von Furstenberg’s Apartment; Now Drool And Covet, In That Order

For their March issue, Diane von Furstenberg let Architectural Digest into her Meatpacking District home so the world could see exactly how the designer lives when she’s not hard at work. And oh wow, does she ever live like a queen.

The massive space that sits above her flagship store and just steps away from the High Line is a stunning apartment filled with charm, quirkiness and art. Although the designer calls it her “tree house,” it’s not exactly what The Swiss Family Robinson had in mind.

It’s also not exactly in the Park Avenue area that one might expect such a place. Speaking about her choice in neighborhood, von Furstenberg said:

“Everybody told me when I came to this neighborhood that I was crazy—that it was full of drag queens, that it smelled awful because of all the butchers. All of that is true,” she continues. “And yet in a weird way the cobblestone streets remind me of Belgium.”

I guess that mid-July smell of rotting meat is something you can easily get over when you’re living like this.


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    • Ashley Cardiff


    • Miss C

      That dining room looks like it might pose a hazard to some epileptic people! Liked the bed – until I realised how bad it would be to get a spider in there, and not be able to catch it… Teak bath? Yeah, let’s cut down all the tropical hardwoods for meaningless interior decor “statements”!

      On the whole, no thanks – rather have my cozy little London place, second-hand Ikea furniture and all…

    • MR

      Yeah it’s cluttered, and she doesn’t really tap into all that natural light. My nyc experience is brownstones and large square foot condos. There’s nothing that compares to brownstone living. Amanda, what was the year of that earlier photo of her? I knew a woman not too long ago that often looked like that – nice face and legs, but too skinny.