Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs Slams Gisele

Gisele consoles Brady post-Super Bowl

Gisele Bundchen caught a lot of flack post-Super Bowl for two reasons, 1) she’d previously asked for “prayers” to help husband Tom Brady and his team and 2) she was caught on camera disparaging his teammates, suggesting Brady couldn’t have won the game by himself. Now, however, she’s got competition for most childish comment issued post-game. Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told the Post: “[Gisele] just needs to continue to be cute and shut up.” Which one’s worse? Strangely, we’re leaning hard towards Jacobs.

(The Post)

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    • Mike

      “Leaning towards Jacobs”? Are you frikkin’ SERIOUS?

      For one, She has absolutely NO IDEA what she is talking about. She doesn’t know football, she knows modelling. Period. Second: Her husband’s performance was NOT something you want to use as an example of good QB performance, he had a safety in the first play, threw a horrible interception later, and the Welker pass that the Brady Patrol likes to complain about, was NOT thrown all that well, it was under-thrown, and on the off shoulder.

      Jacobs’ statement was direct to the heart of the matter, and since Giselle was already being a rude arrogant b**ch, so she needed to be taken down in the same way she attacked the rest of the team.

      • Anne

        DITTO. And let us not forget that she made those comments to other players’ wives and not just under her breath, to some opposing fans, or to her own people. If she’s too self-absorbed to understand how classless that is, then I fully support people calling her out for it.

      • Travis

        I know it’s tough for tiny-brained football fanatics to comprehend, but Jacobs’ comment was dumb AND misogynistic. Gisele’s comment was just dumb.

    • Quin

      So, I know nothing about football, but I thought Gisele defending her husband like that was kind of BA.

    • Shannon

      I’m not a football fanatic and I’m fairly certain my brain is normal sized but I completely agree with Jacobs. It was not dumb or misogynistic. Gisele had no idea what she was talking about and her comment made herself AND her husband look bad. I agree with the comment above: she did make that comment in front of the wives of the players she was insulting. She was being a sore loser and she’s not even on the team. Like many other celebrities, she needs to keep her (offensive) opinions to herself and stick to what she knows (looking pretty — not football).