Someone Photoshopped Women In Masterpieces To Look Thinner

Have you ever looked at a classic work of art and thought to yourself, “I really like the Birth of Venus, but it looks like she’s still packing on that baby weight, if you know what I mean…” or perhaps even, “Odalisque? More like OdaBESE…”? If so, you are a gigantic asshole but kind of charming anyway? Because you’re so erudite? Anyway, madcap genius Anna Utopia Giordano decided to digitally slim and tone some of history’s most beautiful nude subjects. See the strange changes to Botticelli, Gentileschi and Bouguereau ahead.

Flavorwire got hold of these first (and have more) but they belong to Giordano.

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    • Lisa

      But… but… looking like a Rubenesque muse was my THING!

      • Phee

        right? I was all “I have to keep my hips! They’re so neo-raphaelite!!” to be honest, though, the photoshopping only really looked good on the first one, and only because it was only slightly done.

        Botticelli’s freshly photoshopped Venus looks like that one model who always gets in the photoshoots where the makeup artist makes her look like a cracked out domestic violence victim.

    • Sadako

      I can’t help kind of liking the new ones. They look so much like me! :)

      • Kiera

        Conceited much?

      • Mangani

        Bitch please!

      • Twiggy

        Hey me too!

        *high five*

      • Kacie

        Me too; and I look that way naturally. Stop getting angry at skinny women. We exist without starving ourselves or exercising all day. 60% of Americans are overweight, and while I know that anorexia and super skinny models are a big deal, so is obesity.

      • Kacie

        Me too; and I look that way naturally. Stop hating skinny women. We exist without being anorexic, starving ourselves, or exercising all day. Over 60% of Americans are overweight. Yes, anorexia and super thin models are a problem, but so is obesity. The new ones do not look anorexic.

    • Grossed Out

      This is disturbing and somewhat offensive. The skinny trend needs to die real soon, it’s gotten old and has become dangerous. Congrats to the idiot who ruined classic masterpieces for fun.

      • Eve

        I think this person was actually satirizing what you call “the skinny trend”– pointing out how ridiculous it is to photoshop everyone to look thinner, because it isn’t always an improvement.

      • Ashley Cardiff


        Also my understanding. I don’t think this person thought she was improving on Botticelli.

      • tori

        i agree its just gross

    • Steph

      WTF. No, just no.

    • tanveer

      I hate these new ones! They are slimmed down everywhere but the boobs remain just as voluptuous – double standards much? So you want women to have no fat anywhere, but pack it all just in one place?..

      • Eillris

        to be fair… its two places. Boobs and ass.

    • Ellen W.

      Just in case someone can’t read the text:

      William-Adolphe Bouguereau: The Birth of Venus (La Naissance de Vénus)
      Alexandre Cabanel: The Birth of Venus (Naissance de Venus)
      Sandro Botticelli*: The Birth of Venus (Nascita di Venere)
      Francesco Hayez: Venus Playing with Two Doves**
      Titian: Venus of Urbino (Venus de Urbino)
      Artemisia Gentileschi: The Sleeping Venus (Venere Dormiente )

      * He has a first name! I had no idea.
      ** The model was a ballerina, Carlotta Chabert.
      And an entertaining Daumier cartoon sort of on topic:

    • Denise

      The new thinner versions are very repulsive.

    • S.

      To me, that’s like “I hate women sooooooooooo much I can’t bear the thought of anyone ever loving them! REVISIONIST HISTORY TIME.”

    • Ally

      I like the new ones. Their bodies are far more appealing.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      “Odalisque? More like OdaBESE.”

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s thought that.

    • Chloe

      I’m a little amazed at how many people are missing the satire here.

    • Olivia

      I’m an avid runner, would consider myself fairly pretty… and still think my body looks more like the larger woman in the first picture. Who’s with me? These ideals are *not* real!

    • bigbootybaby

      This is sick. Those women now look anorexic. The beauty of the female form in those pieces of art show women who are healthy and fertile. Not some skinny hot mess with a yappy dog in her purse! I think we need to go photoshop all those penises so they actually look real! Men disgust me.

      • bigbootybaby

        and I get the satire – my response is to this BS ideal.

      • tiger

        where do you live? alabama? they look healthy. healthy is consuming the energy you expend. the problem today is that people eat all they want and spend no energy. the women are photoshopped to look healthy, not anorexic. get real.

      • Kacie

        They definitely are thinner, but they do not look anorexic.

    • DW

      I have to assume this was a statement on modern standards of beauty. Because seriously, why else would someone do this?

    • h.s

      Seriously people, satire!!!!

      But on another note – Maybe if it wasn’t so socially acceptable to eat crap processed foods all day long, then it wouldn’t be so hard for overweight people to be thinner, THEN they wouldn’t develop even more dangerous eating problems trying to look like them! There IS such a thing as a naturally skinny female, even with larger boobs! I know there are plenty of overweight people out there that eat well, but you know most of them are poor eaters. So what do we do? Feed our kids McDonalds.

      • Sarah

        “I know there are plenty of overweight people out there that eat well, but you know most of them are poor eaters.”

        Do you? I know nothing of the sort. Body size is determined by genetics. Of course there are naturally skinny women, but there are naturally fat women, and naturally in between women too. What we eat doesn’t really come into it as much as you’d think.

    • Meggy Weggy

      …It’s really weird to be skinny and hear people decrying the depiction of skinny girls in media, even as satire. I am, while eating lots and lots of real food daily, just as thin (or thinner) than some of those photoshopped versions. I have no health or thyroid issues – I am just skinny.

      Don’t go turning that persecution back around on naturally thin people, folks. It is sad as hell to see an anorexic supermodel, but this was clearly a joke/commentary. I have literally had women tell me that I need to put on more weight to “set an example”, and you know what? I can’t! I can’t fucking gain a pound to save my life.

      I am skinny. That’s who I am. If I were fat, then that would be who I am.

      Purposefully trimming down these women to make them ‘sexier’ is wrong. We get it. But when you wrinkle your nose in self-righteous disgust at the mere thought of someone thinking a thin woman is pretty, you’re just a hypocrite. Let’s just love women for who and what they are.

    • Heather R

      They make their waistlines slimmer and their asses higher…ok…but you can’t then make the boobs look bigger. It doesn’t work that way.

    • Tina

      I love how they made the women thinner but kept their breasts the same size or made them larger…hmm…

    • Hi

      I get told Im skinny all the time (Im a guy) -usually by really out of shape guys who drink too much and eat a load of rubbish. Im 6’1 and about 11 stone, I dunno -or care, Im just naturally healthy and do what I like, always active -love sport, also love the odd pizza, I work hard when its needed and am stronger than most of my friends -easily, and I get called skinny all the time. I know a lot of girls, we’re all friends, all lovely people, but- I only fancy the fitter and healthier ones. Go figure, I must be evil.
      Anyway, I only looked at this because Im an artist myself and I like art. I should have known there would be some vitriolic self validation from the more rotund in our society.

      • martin

        i have 2 sisters 1 who is naturally skinny n 1 who works at 24/7. the 1 who works at it has long term goals she’s following( medicine) ,the 1 who’s skinny loves to party. i think sub-consciously u become what u have prepped ur life for.