Courtney Stodden Plays A Mermaid Who Is Wet

In a new commercial for, Courtey Stodden does what she does best — talks about being wet. How did the company manage to link the idea of a wet Stodden to a credit report? Why, by making her a mermaid, of course!

The plot features two young men fishing. One of them catche mermaid Stodden, which allows her to say her line: “OMG, I’m so…wet.

The way that this relates back to the product is that the guy who caught her can then say, “I scored.” Get it? Free Credit Score.

At this point, more so than being disturbed by Stodden’s age, or flabbergasted by her alliteration ability, I’m just tired of hearing and/or seeing her use the word “wet.” WE GET IT. YOU’RE “WET.” YOU’RE ALLUDING TO YOUR VAGINA. NOW PLEASE STOP.

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    • Kj

      As much as I lurve me some CStod gossip, I find myself chagrined that she is getting real work from her notoriety. Then again I suppose she has the right to work and earn money, and if this is what she does best… so be it.

    • Gypsy

      Please, please, PLEASE tell me that she’s sterile and cannot POSSIBLY produce offspring.

    • Eryn

      how does that have anything to do with a credit score???? like really that was a waste of 30 sec of film… Maybe the person who filmed this is a skeezer and just wanted some raw footage of an underaged tramp for his personal collection…. IDK she is a waste of time, money and space for that matter… Her mom needs to open her eyes and see that she is making her daughter into something that no one respects. She comes from a messed up family!!!