Miley Cyrus’ Visible Garters: How Do You Feel?

I’m surprised to find myself about to type the following words, but there’s no sense in delaying the inevitable: Miley Cyrus is becoming a person that I like.

Let me explain. Back when she was transitioning from Disney star to young adult, when everybody had a complete heart attack over the fact that a 17-year-old girl was no longer acting and dressing like she did when she was twelve, I felt protective of Miley. She was unfairly attacked for nothing more than going through adolescence. [tagbox tag="Miley Cyrus"]

But that concern slowly morphed into respect as it became apparent that Cyrus was going to handling the whole thing like a champ, with a refreshing mix of both flipping off and ignoring her haters while still expressing herself in a way that seemed — dare I say? — genuine in her music.

Since then, Cyrus has continued to walk a fine line of rebelliousness. There was the pot-smoking incident and the birthday cake felatio, and there were also the political tweets and the unwavering support of gay marriage. What I’m trying to say here is that I think Miley Cyrus has a brain, a sense of humor, a strong sense of self, and the ability to act like a normal teenager in the public eye without going all batshit Britney crazy.

All that said, here she is, wearing a pair of short-shorts with garters coming out of the bottom. I think she looks kind of good. Would I wear it? Fuck no. But I’m not 19, I’m not famous, and I’m not Miley Cyrus.

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    • Lisa

      Those aren’t garters actually, they’re tights that look like garters!

    • KeLynn

      I’m not against illusion tights. I’m not necessarily against Miley Cyrus. But she looks ridiculous here.

    • MM

      I don’t really like the outfit, I think there’s too much going on here. Visible garters can be super hot though.

    • Lindsey

      I wear garter belts and stockings with black short-shorts, but also with a pair of purple tights underneath the stockings, so instead of thigh it’s purple… I promise it doesn’t look too trashy…

    • Olivia Moore

      I personally love this outfit, she can definitely pull it off. And I don’t even think those are garters, they’re just tights. I love Miley, I think she’s come pretty far growing up in the spotlight. She seems very true to who she is.
      xx Olivia

    • jonkara

      I think in this day and age, she and others’ who have money. Shouldn’t flaut it around as many people have NO work therefore, NO money NO food.

      Her father Billy does His best, but HOW easy it is to forget, when a person had nothing. Two shopping bags of WHAT . Yet so many people are lucky if they have a half of bag of food and so many are Home-less. Just think about it Miley before You go strutting around. It really isn’t appreciated for We who have to live by day.

      • MollyF’ingRingwald

        Get a hold of yourself, this is an article about Miley Cyrus and her style choices. Why are you trying to make it about the homeless? If you are jealous of her lifestyle, I’d suggest you grow up, and as for giving back, she has at least 10 charities she works with regularly. Give it a rest or go post on some political or social concerns blog. Geesh.