The Least Romantic Couples In History

laurel and hardy

Sometimes that special flame of romance goes out. Sometimes that flame was never there to begin with. And sometimes you use that flame to set your partner’s finger on fire.

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    • Cassie

      That is quite a nice picture of Monica Lewinsky.

    • Peppercorn

      But wait… didn’t Rebecca drown herself?

      • Cate

        No. In the Alfred Hitchcock movie she drowns herself because the Hays code stipulated that a character could not kill their partner in anything but self defense and get away without consequences. If Hitchcock had remained faithful to the novel version where Max kills Rebecca and tries to make it look like a suicide, the film would have been released without the MPAA seal of approval and very few theatres would have been willing to show it.
        It makes me really sad, as other than that one detail it’s basically a perfect movie and is in some ways better than the book.

    • Spastastic

      Rochester didn’t set Bertha on fire; the fire was an accident, and despite his hatred towards her, he tried his hardest to save her. She actually died from jumping off the roof, not the fire itself.

      I know it was a joke, I’m just ridiculously obsessed with Jane Eyre and am the obnoxious correcting type. :\