Joke About Chris Brown Beating Women Inexplicably Published In Times Of India

Remember when Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rihanna and then everyone forgave him because he’s a good entertainer? That was hilarious.

…At least, that’s what the Times of India thought. The paper–the one with the largest English-language circulation in the world–ran the above joke this morning. I think my favorite thing about this is the winky face. That’s how you know it’s irreverent.

(via The Washington Post)

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    • Annie H

      I hope someone gets fired for this.

    • Superjack

      I would be really happy if that piece of shit climbed into a hole and never came out.

    • Sara

      I can’t stand him, this is too funny!!

    • Fabel

      Yeah, wow, that smiley. “Women…that’s why he beats them!” ;-P

    • Abigail

      Wouldn’t this joke be less offensive and more “a dig aimed at Chris Brown”? I mean, still offensive, but it seems like it’s aimed at what a horrible person he is, and frankly, I’m more than happy to support anything that continues to remind people of what a horrible human being he is.

    • Liveurlife Thisyear

      THE WHITE MEDIA and the copycat African-American media thinks Chris Brown and Rihanna being tweeted ugly jokes like this is funny. At least Chris Brown was nineteen and had been subjected to a domestic violence situation himself which makes him prone to acting out the way he did. AND GOD BLESS CHRIS AND RIHANNA IN THIS WHITE MAN’S WORLD!!!