Guess What This Underwear Is Made Out Of!

beef jerky underwear


Beef Jerky. That was a weird guessing game. I guess some people like having meat products pressed up against their genitals. Some people are completely fucking insane. Unless you’re one of those people, in which case, that seems like fun! The lacing on these is intricate! Having people gnaw beef jerky off of you is a fun idea! That’s totally a fun sexy idea!

Oh, my God, people gnawing beef jerky off your ladybits. The whole donut around a penis thing never seemed so incredibly okay by comparison. – via Trendhunter

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    • Kj

      Looks delicious >_>

    • Cee

      So this is what Lady Gaga wore under her meat dress..

    • Shannon

      I like this game a lot. Looking at the thumbnail, I was like “Chocolate! No, coffee grounds! Licorice! No, wait, uh… Pubes, I’m going with pubes.” Why didn’t I think of jerky???

    • riverdog03

      I guessed jerky. Something must be wrong with me…

    • Brooke

      I guessed jerky. But only bc chocolate seemed like a normal answer. If there is a normal answer for edible undies.

    • Laura

      my guess was leather, maybe for some paleo obsessed people?

      but lol to edible jerky undies!