Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Makes Another Dumb Comment About The Gay Community

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger–whose entire life, mind you, is orchestrating marriages between venal, shitty people and rich, shitty people–keeps making tone deaf comments about the gay community and keeps backtracking about how she’s not ignorant and she’s got lots of gay friends (yup, she’s one of those). And it happened again!

This time, however, she made a stupid, marginalizing comment about gays and tried preempting criticism all in the same swing. She walked the runway for the Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show last night and discussed which famous gays she’d like to work her shitty magic on:

“If I could put him, and oh my God, let me think for a second. Tom Ford. That’s a fit. Is Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs a fit? ‘Cause they both have those muscles and ripped bodies. And they both look straight. I’d date ‘em. They’re both gorgeous. And I didn’t mean that as a generalization, and don’t you gay people get all snippy with me. I meant that as a compliment!” Patti, it turns out, has a personal connection. “Daniel, my ex, is cousins with Marc Jacobs, from Massachusetts.”

You hear that, Tom Ford? We know you’ve been with your partner for 25 years and all, but you and Marc Jacobs would make such a cute couple because you’re both gay and also muscles and stuff! And that awful lady from TV would date you, despite your gayness. And you look straight! Which is totally a compliment.

Nice try, Stanger, but your defense is as weak as your judgment.


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    • Annie

      How can one person be so dumb?

    • Cee

      I’m not offended or snippy…we gays spend our whole lives looking for the person with the most common physical characteristics as ourselves. My petite brunette self cannot wait to unload my tall blonde, blue eyed girlfriend for the closest carbon copy of myself.

    • Kj

      What is that hideous red thing that has attached itself to her body?! Looks like some sort of giant parasitic placenta monster.

    • E.W.

      People need to stop being SO sensitive. People make comments like that about straight people ALL the time – ex: [insert beautiful actress's name here] and [insert handsome actor's name here] would be so good together, they are so hot! We’re striving for equality, so let’s view everyone as equals. Sheesh.

    • baggis

      who cares!? gay people are so overly sensitive. gay people make stupid comments about straight people too.

    • Melea

      So effing what! I have gay male associates and they say insulting, offending things about straight AND gay women all the time! We all just laugh it off.
      I’m so sick of the media sensationalizing any and everything related to homosexuality! We get it; we should be tolerant of every group, but come tfo! Don’t force me to like someone! I can do it on my own!
      Besides, Patty says dumb things about everybody, why should gays be immune. If you want equality, ya better be prepared to grow some thicker skin, that’s *IF* any gays were offended by her statement! Sheeeeeeesh!