• Fri, Feb 10 2012

Sexiest Quotes Of The Week: Anticipation And Mystery

“He’s very manly. And if someone squeezes your boobs at a Katy Perry concert – which is what happened to me in Toronto – I did wish Mark was there because he would have sorted it out.” – Kate Beckinsale, on Mark Wahlberg’s manliness.

“She’s still a bad girl. Delightfully so.” – Brad Pitt, on Angelina Jolie’s prowess in the bedroom.

“The anticipation and mystery makes even the smallest gestures pretty thrilling.” – Gwyneth Paltrow in GOOP, on why she likes the book “101 Nights of Grrreat Sex.”

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  • kthy

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  • Angela Neill

    Great blog leading up to Valentines Day!
    Nicola Chapman

  • Sandra11

    Loving all of the sexy quotes! Great website! :-)

    Nicola Chapman

  • Ben R

    Love the blog! Gwyneth Paltrow definately knows her stuff! Her book is amazing! I wish I had brought it sooner!
    Nicola Chapman