Adele Covers March Issue Of Vogue

Well, Karl Lagerfeld, it’s time to eat your words (again)– Adele, the same lady you recently called “too fat,” covers next month’s issue of Vogue. The British songstress looks somewhat reminiscent of Christina Hendricks, with the voluminous red hair and the sultry eyes.

Oh, and the cleavage.

[Huffington Post via fashin]

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    • vomiting

      I’m not clear on how Karl Lagerfeld must ‘eat [his] words’ here? It’s not as though he ever said that she was too fat to appear on the cover of Vogue. He simply said that she was fat.

      • agree

        I agree. He’s really just stating a fact and it’s not meant to be offensive. People are too sensitive.

        And look at Adele’s waist in the cover. As much as I love her to death, Adele is no way that thin.

    • Ashley

      That cleavage looks airbrushed to high heaven.

    • h

      Her face and waist have been SEVERELY photoshopped and narrowed, and the cleavage looks painted on… Can’t really tell KL to “eat his words” when Vogue clearly agrees with him…

    • Damianos smith

      It is very Nice and Impressive Point in the March issue of Vogue.

    • Dove

      I love Adele and look up to her but this picture of her is fake and it isnt the real Adele, she should be proud to be bigger as its normal and she is being herself but I dont like seeing her like this on a cover of a magazine trying to be like everyone else, she stands out for her individuality! That Karl Largerfield should be ashamed of himself as comments like what he said make gorgeous celebs feel conscious about themselves!!

      Nicola Chapman

    • Sandy Hull

      I think Adele is absoultely stunning and she is a great inspiration on how she looks and her music! She did fantastic last night at the Brits!!
      Nicola Chapman

    • Betty Harp

      Adele is the most talented person to come along in a very long time.The photo of her on the cover of Vogue is absolutely Stunning.She makes Full Figure Women be proud of themselves.