Victoria Beckham Killed It At Fashion Week Today

Although there were skeptics as to whether or not the former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, could hold her own in the fashion world, she proved with her autumn/winter 2012 collection today that she’s not some third-rate wannabe designer. Not at all. If anything she’s well on her way to giving her fellow designers a bit of healthy competition.

With bold colors, strong clean lines and pieces that could be worn any day of the week, Beckham’s collection dazzled with every model who walked the runway. The dresses were somewhere between sophisticated and fun, combined with socks and boots to give it a laid-back yet “I mean business” feel. Her inspiration for the collection obviously came from her immediate surroundings with “cheeky beanies, inspired by David’s look, and a baseball style from their son Romeo, gave the collection a sporty and androgynous feel,” reported the The New York Times.

Beckham, whose dresses have been seen recently on Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams not once but twice in as many months, is also slated to dress a handful of actresses for this upcoming Oscar show. While her collection, which has been around since 2009 at this point, was void of any spectacular gowns, if we’re to read into this line at all in the hopes of seeing a glimpse of what’s come, there’s a good chance that Beckham’s creations for the award show will be stunning.

(via New York Times)

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    • Cassie

      I’d wear all three of the dresses pictured, but that one on the far left? GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!

    • kthy


    • Cindy Hull

      I love all of Victoria Beckham’s designs, I think she is amazing! She always looks so good and I wish I could dress like her!
      Nicola Chapman

    • Suzie

      I would wear all of Victoria Beckham’s designs, she always looks amazing! She doesnt even look like she has had 4 kids! What an amazing woman!

      Nicola Chapman

    • Hannah Lovett

      I think Victoria is absolutely stunning and everything she wears looks amazing! I am always looking at her new styles and designs!

      Nicola Chapman

    • Terry