Kate Upton Covers Sports Illustrated 2012 Swimsuit Issue

Sports Illustrated was supposed to reveal the cover of their 2012 swimsuit issue on Leno tonight, but after the cover was leaked, the magazine tweeted a picture of it, and it features Guess model Kate Upton.

I happen to be a big Kate Upton fan — by model standards she’s quite curvy (so…she’s like a size four), she seems happy and healthy, and she always looks fantastic. But this cover is disappointing — it’s so fucking Photoshopped that it practically looks like a painting. It’s possible that this is just a very pixelated photo, but look at her from the waist down — that’s some straight up oil-on-canvas shit.

Also, I know that these covers are supposed to be super sexy and everything, but that bikini bottom is so small that it makes me uncomfortable to look at. Not because I dislike nearly-naked women, but because I keep thinking about how impossible that would be to wear, and how you’d keep having to pull it up to make sure that the top of your vagina wasn’t exposed. And that does not make for a fun day at the beach.

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    • Nikki

      wow – that really is an underdone bikini, like an overdone wine! http://bit.ly/zEZQJU

    • Lizzie

      that bikini is so tiny that it makes her look more naked than she would look if she was actually naked.

    • Meghan Keane

      Did they just take a regular bikini bottom and photoshop it off? BC I do not understand how that would stay up on its own.