In Case You Had Any Doubts About Martha Stewart’s Grasp Of Reality…

Here is a photo of Martha Stewart and her chow-chow, Ghengis Khan, dining at the Plaza in New York City on Sunday. They were enjoying a meal together on the eve of the Westminster Dog Show, where Khan took the Best in Breed ribbon. Not only is this unsanitary to the point of disturbing, it is perhaps the best expression of celebrity’s deteriorating affect on the brain.


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    • Johanna

      Aren’t dogs allowed into dining establishments in France?

      I WISH I could bring my dog into restaurants.


      • superjack

        i’m SO GLAD you can’t!

        because it’s fucking disgusting!

    • NMH

      This is ridiculous.

      But seriously? They outlawed dogs in all food & drink establishments in NYC. If I can’t bring my dog to the Grey Dog Cafe any more then why does the Plaza get a waiver?

    • Ellen W.

      It’s so fuzzy I could die!

    • BooRadley

      “Genghis Khan”? Wasn’t he kind of a jerk?