The Ten Best And Worst Reasons To Get A Puppy

At a certain point in your adult life, you realize you can get a puppy.

You’ve wanted one for years. You’ve spent months pouring over super cute dog blogs stalking for the perfect one to rescue. Then one night it hits you: You don’t need permission. You don’t have to beg and whine to anyone! —unless you’re in a relationship or have a roommate, because then you will still have to plead your case.

If you want a puppy, you can get a puppy! Hell, you’re a responsible adult. There are a million reasons to rescue a dog, most of them beginning with “squee!!” and ending with “awww!”

But remember that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and you can’t train a puppy not to need a walk when you’re hung over. Here are the best and worst reasons to rescue a dog.

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    • laurie
    • Rebecca

      You could substitute babies in all those photos and not need to change the words, no?

      • M

        Except 10 best. There’s no guarantee your kid will like you when it gets old enough to have a mind of its own.

    • Ally

      That puppy in number 8 that pomeranian type is the worst. Some friends brought one over a while back EVEN THOUGH I have the most badass cat ruling the kingdom of my house and the stupid little dog kept humping everything. Especially me. I bet it knew I didn’t like it so it humped me extra. I can’t stand tend. [/rant]

      • Ally

        I can’t stand *them.

    • Ksenija

      As cute as a brand new puppy is, there are SO MANY dogs given up by unready owners who need our help. PLEASE adopt a pet from a shelter, please help an animal who needs you, and please stop supporting the unnecessary breeding and puppy-mills.

    • D.

      There are crazy cat ladies and there are crazy dog ladies. I am a crazy dog lady. I have two. I really liked this slideshow, but as for the teaching old dogs new tricks thing, old dogs can definitely learn new tricks haha trust me. I have a 5-6 year old pug and she has trained me to do her bidding.

    • Lottie Evans

      I am thinking about getting a puppy, I know it will be hard work but I am prepared! I want a small dog so it wont get too big! I was thinking of a Border Terrier!
      Nicola Chapman

    • Lucy

      Ah you cannot beat a Border Colly our baby girl called daisy.