I Vow To Love Valentine’s Day Even On My Own

The Vow - Rachel McAdams

In keeping with the theme of TheGloss’s Love/Hate Week, Rachel McAdams’ new movie The Vow is getting us to rethink our views on Valentine’s Day. So we’ve come up with some ways to enjoy this anti-single faux-holiday happily on our own.

This post is sponsored by Sony’s The Vow, in theaters February 10th. Watch the trailer here.

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    • Caterina

      After work today, I have a date with a hot bubble bath, a bottle of wine, and Love Actually on DVD. heavenly!

    • mm

      shameless, shameless plug for this movie. thank you for at least admitting it, although i had to go search for the part where you did halfway through my comment before berating you for NOT telling us they sponsored it. i’m less annoyed now…and somewhat get it since i do work in PR…but it’s really shameless couldn’t you have made it a LITTLE less obvious??

      • Annie

        “This post is sponsored by Sony’s The Vow, in theaters February 10th. Watch the trailer here.”

        On the main page of this post. Upfront. Also, ads are all over the site. People may not like this kind of stuff but websites are a business and this is how they stay in business. Way to reinforce ideas about how all pr people are dumb, though!