Happy Valentine’s Day From TheGloss

valentines thegloss

We made you some Valentine’ cards to give to your loved ones. They’re really pretty. You’re probably going to want to print them out so you can get them put onto a cake or something. I mean, not just today. Every day. Forever. You should tear into the temple of doom guy’s face for the entire year, because, dude, that’s what love is.

And massive thanks to Emma Charlton for realizing our dreams through illustration!

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    • GentleMatt

      I just love the one about ambivalence, but am ambivalent about the ones about love. No, seriously.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies! I wouldn’t watch the Adam Sandler twins movie for you, but I’ll sit around being ambivalent with you for the rest of my life!

    • MR

      Jennifer. Hmm, post-V-day candy purchase? So you’re the Libra (?) You know the stock market has pulled back a little, so far today, and I was having such a good one and three-quarter month ride. See what happens when you try to reconfigure Aries! :)

    • MR

      Okay back on message. Something for V-day that ties back into ‘Raiders’: Marion Ravenwood. It’s all I could find on her and Indiana Jones. But it covers it.