Happy Valentine’s Day From TheGloss

candy valentines

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    • GentleMatt

      I just love the one about ambivalence, but am ambivalent about the ones about love. No, seriously.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies! I wouldn’t watch the Adam Sandler twins movie for you, but I’ll sit around being ambivalent with you for the rest of my life!

    • MR

      Jennifer. Hmm, post-V-day candy purchase? So you’re the Libra (?) You know the stock market has pulled back a little, so far today, and I was having such a good one and three-quarter month ride. See what happens when you try to reconfigure Aries! :)

    • MR

      Okay back on message. Something for V-day that ties back into ‘Raiders’: Marion Ravenwood. It’s all I could find on her and Indiana Jones. But it covers it.