The Guy From Incubus Attended Marc Jacobs

So, I was scrolling through Getty’s photo database looking to see what famous attendees wore to Monday’s Marc Jacobs show–Anna Dello Russo, predictably crazy–and came across this bespectacled fellow. Here were my thoughts: “Oh, he looks respectable. He must be European.” Then I assumed he was an editor at some fancy foreign glossy. Dansk? Marc Jacobs, after all, is the hardest ticket in town.

No. This man is Brandon Boyd from Incubus. That may not sound like news, but if you went to high school in the early ’00s then this is news to you or someone you know. Smart money’s on some girl who still has her MySpace account.

Anyway. This is the first and last excuse I’ll have to post this and say, “Remember a time when this was on the radio? Those days were weird. Glad they’re over.”

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    • Kate Messinger

      So glad the facial hair is gone and the red monster of a forearm tattoo is either removed or covered in layers of fine designer fabric. Please Brandon, stick with this look.

    • superjack

      He looks so distinguished!

    • ix

      Why would he get his tattoo removed? It’s just faded because it’s red. You’re an idiot

    • Sheila

      Brandon still has all of his tattoo’s but it is definitely a new style for him.

    • Jess

      You guys are fucking stupid. He is wonderful regardless of tattoos or the way he is dressed. Who gives a fuck? It’s clothes.