Saddest Valentine’s Day Picture In The World Ahead

steak and shake valentine

A poster on Reddit says:

“He went to Steak n Shake with his wife every year for Valentine’s day since before he was married. This is his first year without a valentine.”

I am crying now.

I’ve decided that maybe his wife said that this year she said she couldn’t do Valentine’s day because the date was the same as their adult daughter’s umm… special event that the man inexplicably couldn’t attend. But that they would celebrate the next day! That’s what happened. And everything is fine and everyone is happy and love is forever. Yay, yay, he and his wife are about to head out to a lovely dinner!

Oh, that’s not working at all. Fuck it, since we’re here:

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    • NotThumper

      You got me to cry too. That poor man, what a sweetie…

    • Roxana Rusowsky

      More tears here.

    • Jim

      Male here. Crying at work.

    • Wendy

      I had tears forming and then I read, “I am crying now.”… I don’t think I can even rewatch the Up clip. Also, whenever I see this scene I have to refrain from what we are all doing now. Love is forever!

      • Wendy

        Also, we’re all masochists. We knew what we were getting into by the title and the fact that the dude from Up was there because the real photo was even sadder!

    • Steph

      If I were alone, I would be ugly crying right now. I saw this on Tumblr earlier, and teared up like crazy. If I hadn’t been at work, I would have cried. Basically, the only reason I won’t cry at this is because I haven’t been alone, and I hate crying in front of people.

    • Brooke

      I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on this one.

    • Fabel

      Oh, tears first thing at work. That’s fun.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Seriously Jennifer… seriously…

    • KeLynn

      Goddamn you. I am at work and I am wearing eyeliner and now I have to excuse myself to the bathroom to clean myself up.

    • Ben

      Has anyone bothered to consider the possibility that the story is not true? Maybe his Wife, Daughter, friend, whoever he may have been with, went to the bathroom? Everyone is commenting like they know him. There aren’t any details to go with this story. I’m not being cynical, I’m just being critical.