Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin Shows The World What Not Being Photoshopped Looks Like

Ice T’s wife, Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin, is known, among other things, for her almost cartoon-ish curves. She rose to fame in part by marrying Ice T, and also by starring in a reality show with him, cryptically titled “Ice Loves Coco.” 

In a new spread for In Touch, Coco is featured in a bikini without any Photoshopping. She’s 32 years old, 5’2 and 135 pounds, and she says about her body, “This is the biggest I’ve ever been...But I’m still confident, because I’m happy inside, and I have a husband who tells me I’m beautiful all the time.”

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    • KeLynn

      Woah, she’s 32? I thought she was like 40.

      • Emma

        I had the same thought, until I realized it is probable because we are so used to seeing high def photos of celebrities heavily photo shopped to look younger. Our idea of age is getting warped.

    • Ally

      She reminds me of Joy off of ‘My Name is Earl’ here. Although Joy (Jaime Pressly) looks classy even when she plays white trash. I’m not trying to bash either, I think they’re both super foxy either way.

    • Lilac

      Wow! No Photoshop at all and yet her abs are perfect. I do ab exercises every day, weight 20 pounds less and am slightly taller and still I don’t have the beautiful line all the way down. What is her secret exercise for those abs???

    • Raerae

      She is still the equivalent of being photoshopped with all of the work she’s had done. She just saved the photo editor time instead by having a doctor do it.

      • Brooke

        My thoughts exactly.

    • Somnilee

      I’ll corroborate those figures as I’m an inch taller and a couple of pounds less. I also thinks she looks fab, I’d be more than happy to see people like that in magazines.

    • pk

      What did she do to herself? Not impressed..

    • Maggie

      She’s huge…but at least she’s toned.

    • ruth

      I respect that she did this…I think our idea of women especially for young adults who dont realize what photoshop does to your body are getting warped ideas about how people in general look and then they look on the mirror and dont see that and either they go anorexic or they have body issues all thier lives. Yeah she doesnt look the same…theres no one who can hold to photoshop standards in real life. whats messed up is that little boys looking at porn and what not will always be so confused over real women and fake ones and iether they will become obsessed with the fake ones or they will always judge the real ones.