The Editors Discuss: Romantic Comedies (Also, Have You Seen The Hole?)

It’s Valentine’s Day week, which means you’ll be up to your ears in slideshows and lists chronicaling the top X romantic comedies of all time. Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff are discussing the genre today–predictably, Jennifer is for and Ashley is against. One point on which they both agree, however, is that while it may not be a romantic comedy, The Hole is excellent.

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    • Lizzie

      you left out Harold and Maude :(

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Certainly deserves a place in the “good romantic comedy” pantheon.

    • porkchop

      In a recent meeting, one of my colleagues got up and started drawing a diagram, at which point I shouted “BABY FISH MOUTH!! BABY FISH MOUTH!!” and everyone broke into wild applause and laughter, then hoisted me in my chair and carried me around the room while I shook my clasped hands in a classic “hurrah!” gesture.

      That moment couldn’t have happened without “When Harry Met Sally” having permeated the consciousness of everyone in the United States, which it has, because it’s awesome.

    • Arnie

      I now feel a sudden urge to go watch The Hole.

      Also, on a completely unrelated note, but because I just saw it, and felt that you guys might think this is as awesome as I do:

      HOLY CRAP THEY FOUND TINY AWESOME CHAMELEONS! They are about half the size of the nail on your pinky and the coolest thing ever. I think you needed to know this.

    • M

      The Hole is clearly a romantic movie because after I made my boyfriend watch it and he was suitably squicked out, I told him that if we ever get locked into an underground bunker and the situation is dire he should eat me.

    • misenhammer

      BTW, why does everyone hate Marie Antoinette so much? I loved the hell out of that movie.

    • MR

      Yesterday my girlfriend and I decided not to go out last night, because the temperature dropped, and the roads in her area of Vermont were already ice-slicked during the day. Before dinner she tells me she thought we could watch ‘Marie Antoinette’ after, so in between peeling the carrots and potatoes, I came on and clicked on, cause I had a memory of this posting mentioning it. As far as the cinematography, I thought it was a masterpiece – yeah, granted what do I know – I mean how she blends period costumes, with hanging out on street corner with your neighborhood, high school friends dialogue. Yeah a sad story, but very well done on the filming, Sofia – so original, and nothing like her dad’s. And Keira Knightley – romantic almost-tragedy?: The Edge of Love’? What a talent, and still only in her mid 20s.