Gallery: Let’s All Look At Esquire‘s Sexy Photos Of Kate Upton

Kate Upton‘s hotness has been the subject of much very stupid debate as of late. And yet, it’s very obvious to anyone with eyes that Kate Upton, professional lingerie model, is attractive. Conventionally attractive, even. For evidence, allow me to submit these photos from her recent Esquire shoot, along with some facts about her from Esquire and my own imagination (a la the Jon Hamm profile). And if that’s not enough Kate Upton for you, here’s a magical GIF someone made of her dancing in a bikini.

(Via Esquire)

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    • Maria

      The picture where they took half of Jon Hamm and photoshopped it onto Kate Upton is creepy. What do they want to tell us? Jon Hamm secretly is Kate Upton? Kate Upton is a shapeshifter? It’s a magic Jacket? Please explain.