Reminder: Courtney Stodden And Dakota Fanning Are The Same Age

Here’s something to ponder over the weekend: unless Courtney Stodden is a 35-year-old performance artist, she and Dakota Fanning are the same age. Both were born in 1994 and are (allegedly) 17.

Happy Friday.

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    • D.

      Call me crazy (“You’re crazy.”) but I can actually see it in this picture. It’s her eyes.

      • Cassie

        Agreed. There’s just something about her that reminds me of a younger girl getting into her older sister’s “slutty” party clothes or something. She lacks a certain surety about her…she seems like she’s trying very hard to be appealing.

      • Amanda Gun

        I agree, something about her expression just screams “too young”. I knew a girl who was born in 1994 back when she was 12 (and I was 17, if I remember correctly) who looked SO MUCH like Courtney does. They had identical lips and hair, and she was also trying to be way too old way too early (she ran away from home for a week and spent three of the nights sleeping with different guys for a place to sleep. When she was twelve.).

    • Lisa

      I find it quite believable, even considering that thanks to her earlier movies Dakota Fanning is permanently about 9 in my head.

    • Daisy

      That’s depressing.

    • Sam

      There’s that tacky gold armband. I look for it in every picture and surprise! it’s in every picture.

    • Niamh

      Y’know, maybe she is 17. Surely in 35 years you’d have copped on to the fact that invisible bra straps are NOT INVISIBLE and just look dirty.

    • Nathalie

      Dakota Fanning is being marketed as pure or some shit, The only difference between 17 year olds i know and Courtney is that Courtney has more money and publicity.

      • A Nonny Mouse

        Nathalie, on what planet does Courtney have more money and publicity than Dakota fanning who has been acting in major films for millions since she was a child? Courtney just married a man older than her mother who is a nobody character actor. You’re legit retarded.


        Actually you misread her statement. She says “difference between 17 year olds i know and Courtney…”
        Perhaps you were confused cause you were too busy being…smart?

    • rita

      AH there is NO way!

    • Cassie

      I love Dakota, and I love that she isn’t sex-ing herself up for attention.

    • Michaela

      Dakota does not have to sex herself up to get attention, because she is a very gifted and talented actress…unlike Courtney Stodden…

      • lynn

        Amen!!!^ Stodden is a whore. poor doug. hes gotta be def blind or dumb to not see her fake ways.

    • Amanda Odom Almeda

      idk.. courtney looks like a 25 yr old crack head to me

    • Savannah

      Oh my gosh wow she looks so much like that one girl that dokota chick!!!! Lol