Miranda Lambert Preaches Truth About Chris Brown

Miranda Lambert caught a shitstorm after the Grammys, not because she messed up, or lost, or won, but because she dared to tweet something against Chris Brown’s two performances. “Chris Brown twice?,” she wrote. “I don’t get it. He beat on a girl…”

She followed up with another, saying “Not cool that we act like that didn’t happen. He needs to listen to Gunpowder and lead and be put back in his place. Not at the Grammys.”

Brown’s fans had some not-so-nice things to say to her, and so in response, she decided to dedicate the song she referenced — “Gunpowder and Lead” — to him at a concert. Before performing the song, she held up a sign that said “Take notes Chris Brown,” and told the audience, “Did y’all get a look no? Get a good picture, put it on Twitter. I’ve been in a world of hurt with Chris Brown fans lately. But see, I just have to speak my mind because where I come from beating up on a woman is never okay.”

The gist of the song she then sang can be summed up with the following lyrics:

Slapped my face and he shook me like a rag doll
Don’t that sound like a real man
I’m gonna show him what a little girl’s made of
Gun powder and lead

I’m on the fence about the idea of meeting violence with violence in the abstract, and I’m not saying anyone should go out and buy a gun and shoot anyone else, but I will say that I definitely do condone self-defense, and I also condone a million times over the message that Lambert is sending: while the rest of the music world curls up with its tail between its legs and pants at the feet of Chris Brown, she’s not going to be afraid to speak out against the fact that he beat Rihanna.

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    • Clio

      Who is Miranda Lambert? I’m pretty sure everyone knows what he did and has already voiced an opinion about it. Regardless, he made a great record and had every right to be at the Grammys in my opinion.

    • Magda

      Miranda Lambert is a Country singer. And I love her.

      However, I am on the fence about the Chris Brown issue. While I think that any sort of domestic violence is completely abhorrent and a HUGE indicator of disrespect, I’m also unsure of continuously persecuting someone is the right thing either.

      Personally, I am not “hating” on Chris Brown, vocally, but I do change the radio when his songs come on and have not supported any of his work since the incident.

      But then, what do I know?

      • Sam

        I think the issue isn’t so much that people are continuously persecuting him as it is that he has not been persecuted nearly enough. No jail time for brutally assaulting his girlfriend, most likely giving her some form of PTSD for years to come…just some community service and probation. He’s been consistently on tv, the radio, and in shows since; no seemingly genuine change or apologetic behavior.

      • Amanda Gun

        I think that if he had showed any type of remorse, I would personally be more inclined to forgive him, but he just seems to be angry that people won’t let it go, and that just doesn’t cut it. He allegedly tried to pick up a woman using the line “Can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you!” (I can’t remember where I found this story, or I would link to it), which I have no trouble believing tbh. He just seems like such a dickbag. His dumb fans tweeting about how they’d love to get beat up by him don’t exactly make it any better. Like, I know he can’t control what they do, but he could at least have tweeted something in response about how that’s not okay, or something.

    • kadi

      Iam a DIE <3 CHRIS BREZZY FANN!!!! 4 lyfe & what happen waz years ago sooooooo miranda needs 2 hop off lyke asap she jus MAD chris didnt beat on her UGLYY ass + she jus also mad she didnt preform,get a grammyy, and she jus FATT!!!!!!!!

      • Sam

        I hope your kidding.

      • Krissy

        I second Sam. I hope you’re kidding.

      • Gypsy

        Kadi – what language are you speaking? It’s certainly not English. It appears to be *trying* to be English, and yet failing miserably. So, to help you:
        lyfe – is actually spelled “life”
        waz – should be “was”
        lyke – I can only assume you mean “like”
        jus – I’m going out on a limb here and giving you the benefit of the doubt that you just missed hitting that “t” for the end…except that you did it twice.
        “preform” – now this one just cracks me up. PERFORM. Preform – sounds like a form you fill out before you fill out other forms…oh you are a silly one!
        FAT only has one “T” – this extra “t” should be used at the end of “just”

        Get it? By the way – you’re a blithering idiot. Miranda is not ugly, but that’s just my opinion, and she certainly isn’t fat. However, for you to suggest that she would be mad that this idiot Chris Brown didn’t beat her up is just preposterous! Also, a country girl like Miranda would kick the ghetto-loving crap out of a woman beater like him.

        Have a LOVELY day :)

    • Kele

      Didn’t Miranda marry another woman’s husband? I think that she needs the rethink her stone throws…

    • Alison Lee

      I wish I’d come up with kadi’ s joke.

    • Biggun

      I’m gonna voice my 2 cents here and say this, ANY MAN that hits, slaps, bites, etc ANY FEMALE is THE TRUE BITCH and not her! I’d pay COLD HARD CASH to Fight his Whimppy Ass and really get to pulverisingly BEAT THE HOLY SHIT outta his ass just to show him what RESPECT & FEAR feel like! Of course he can whip Rhinna’s ass, but when Face 2 Face w/a Real Man, HA! HEY CHRIS BROWN, Step to me BOY!!! I got an ASS WHOOPING to hand ya!

    • Allen

      Chris Brown fans are complete IDIOTS.