A Guide To Your Post-Valentine’s Day Weekend

So it’s the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, you either wake up on the right side or the depressing-reeks-of-beer-and-chocolate side of the bed. Either way, you probably have some version of post-traumatic stress. Here are the after affects…

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    • MR

      I’m pretty sure my grilfriend and I rate the first slide. We celebrated on the Saturday before, cause of residence differences. Nice bottle of chardonnay and chocolate strawberries at her place to start, then out for a nice dinner right after. She, a non red meat eater, suggested that I order the filet mignon, which I did. But was thinking the whole time I was eating it, I hope she meant it? Everything after is for us only, but if she didn’t want me to order the filet mignon she didn’t show it. :)

    • Wendy

      HA! hilarious article. single, attached, hate it, love it….no matter what, v-day turns out like crap for all of us.