Mulberry Decided To Name Its New Bag After Lana Del Rey

Love her or hate her, Lana Del Rey doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, or at least her name isn’t. In some sort of ode to the American singer, Mulberry named its newest bag in its collection “The Del Rey.”

We can thank the creative director, Emma Hill, for this decision after she met Del Rey last year. Said Hill to WWD when asked about her inspiration and name choice:  “I love Lana’s nostalgic references to bygone glamour and the fact that her look is retrospective, yet so modern. This inspired us to create a bag that was timeless, refined, and elegant.”

“Bygone glamour?” They had collagen injections for the lips in “bygone” days? And where is this “retrospective, yet so modern” Del Rey of which Hill speaks? I thought we had already decided Del Rey is a fraud? Did we not? OK, I thought we did. I digress.

The rectangular Del Ray bag, which comes in a variety of delightful leathers, can be yours as early as May 1st for the reasonable price of $1,000. Del Rey already has her white ostrich version of the bag and she had it with her while she sat in the front row of the Mulberry show the other night. If you want to be like her, then that’s probably the one you should be placing an order for ASAP before they sell out. I definitely see this bag selling out since, I guess, we decided she isn’t a fraud after all? I’m still not sure where the majority side on this one.

Also in the front row of the Mulberry show were Michelle Williams and Lizzie Olsen.


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    • Sam

      What is fraudulent about her? That she took on a stage name, that she changed her hair style, that she may (doubtful) have had her lips accentuated? You can see all of her previous videos and pictures as Lizzy Grant on You Tube (check out, so where is the fraud? She is a remarkable singer, with a great voice who has put out an absolutely amazing first album. You may not like her but please do not bash her for no reason.

      • Stephanie

        She isn’t a good singer, I think that’s why they call her a fraud. She is just more proof that you don’t need talent to be a pop star.

      • Dru

        Video Games and Born to Die are lovely songs, but I’d have to be deluding myself to think her voice is “great”. It really isn’t.

    • Meghan Keane

      Plus one to Mulberry for putting Azealia Banks in the front row.

    • Abby

      @ stephanie, sorry, have you actually heard video games? She is anything but a fraud. And do you know what? It’s f**king pleasant to listen to someone so fresh and open to singing about the last time she copulated or whatever the kids are saying these days.

      - Abby @

      • Abby

        *not open to….

    • Dru

      Honestly, the only people I am interested in in that front row are the FAR more interesting Ms Banks and the two Michelles (Williams and Dockery, probably better known to the general public as Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey).

    • frv

      Mulberry are just using her name to make a few bucks, just like they did with the ‘Alexa’ bag..