Karlie Kloss Absolutely Kills It In Vogue Paris‘s March Issue

Why is Karlie Kloss such a badass? That’s a question for the ages. As you ponder it, take a look at her editorial in Vogue Paris‘ March issue, in which she redefines the purpose of leg warmers.

[via Styleite]

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    • Kj

      Agreed that you have to be pretty badass to pull off a bunch of garbage bag/plastic poncho outfits.

      Also: I totally read that as “Kate Moss.” Madness.

    • Rebecca

      Really? You don’t find it offensive that she’s dressed and posed to look like a poodle?

    • frv

      I think the stylist is actually a genius for this..


    • gabrielle

      Karlie is fierce as fierce can be. She can rock this look better than almost anyone I can think of. All aspiring models want to achieve that level. And no, it’s not easy. gabrielleblevins.com
      #fashion #KarlieKloss