Could Lesbianism Have Saved Whitney Houston’s Life?

Whitney Houston I Look To You

There are now (and have always been) a lot of people mad at Bobby Brown. For many reasons. But most often, he is blamed for introducing Whitney Houston to a lifestyle filled with drugs and dispair. And many hold him responsible for her eventual descent into abuse and the decline of her career. And now there’s a theory that would have tidily swept all that away. If only Whitney Houston had been allowed to stay in her lesbian relationship with Robyn Crawford.

According to this theory, Whitney was happily rolling along at the top of the charts with her friend Robyn throughout most of the 1980s. But her mother, family and managers were worried that Whitney would throw away a thriving career if she came out as a lesbian at that time. Little did they know that she would end up doing just that, but the vice would be drugs and alcohol instead of a little harmless lesbianism.

According to gay activist Peter Tatchell, it was common knowledge that the pair carried on a lesbian relationship for years. But when forced to separate, Whitney fell into the arms of Bobby Brown. And soon after, a downward spiral into drug abuse.

The two women met in New Jersey when they were 16. They were soon inseparable and Robyn went on to become Whitney’s assistant for a number of years. Robyn has never admitted to a sexual relationship with the singer, and this week in Esquire she wrote that she likely never will:

“I have never spoken about her until now. And she knew I wouldn’t. She was a loyal friend, and she knew I was never going to be disloyal to her. I was never going to betray her.”

But that won’t stop the rumors. Robyn is not the only woman that Whitney has been linked to. Tatchell thinks bringing the relationship into the open will help prevent other homosexuals from entering into destructive marriages to hide their sexuality.

The Daily Mail ran this photo of Robyn (and Bobby) with Whitney. Robyn is on the right:

Whitney Houston Robyn Crawford

Regardless of whether or not Whitney actually had a lesbian relationship – with Robyn or someone else – it’s destructive to play games of could have/should have/would have when it comes to a person’s demise. Maybe Whitney Houston had lesbian relationships. But that doesn’t change the way her life ended. She divorced Bobby Brown in 2007. And she still didn’t come out as a lesbian. More importantly, there are infinite decisions that Whitney Houston could have made to turn her life around and get clean.

The whole world was rooting for her. But sometimes that’s not enough. Whitney was an outstanding talent. And unfortunately, she died a tragic figure. Because she let all of those talents go to waste. It’s futile to pin the blame for that on Bobby Brown. And just as futile to paint some woman as the knight in shining armor that could have saved her.

Because it seems like more than anything, it was the thing that made her known that was the same as the thing that killed her. Fame brings a lot of benefits. But also it is a never ending pressure that many people simply break underneath. As Robyn wrote in her obituary of Houston in Esquire:

“She gave so much to so many people; I hope that she felt loved in return. She was the action, for such a long time. She’s out of the action now. I hope she can finally rest.”

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    • Erin

      I don’t remember the whole world rooting for her. Seems to me that she was little more than a punchline at the time of her death. So sad… she really was talented.

    • Kj

      I agree that there is no point in playing, “what if…”

      …but there is certainly value in considering whether or not this led to her self-destruction, and if this could help other people in her position. Look at Lindsay Lohan – I think that her problems go way deeper than repressed homosexuality, but I seem to recall that she was doing better when she was with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

    • M. Hernandez

      You can’t truly blame Bobby no more than you can blame Ray J you just can’t. She was a grown woman with her own mind. I heard about the lesbian affair back in the day when she first came out. Also it was known that the line snorting started when she was modeling not when B Brown came into the picture. But all is well ends well she was happy and at her best the Whitney we loved.

    • Dumisani smith

      In anyone could saved this life of whitney houston.

    • Maurine

      I still cant believe this… I wish her family would have let her continue with wat her heart yearned then we couldn’t be sad today.

    • Sofia

      This is the most absurd article I have read. Addiction is a disease, the same way diabetes is. Whitney was addicted to drugs. Being gay is not a disease and not a lifestyle choice. You are born gay. How could her alleged lesbian relationship have saved her from a life of addiction and experiences with drugs? This is so ignorant and truly damaging to what addiction does to a person.

    • Roll Dog

      You never really know about someone until something tragically happens.

      That probably did explain why Whitney chose “bad boy” Bobby Brown.

    • Mystic

      People who blame Bobby for introducing Whitney to drugs, or even entertain the possibility, are quite simply, completely ignorant, dumber than a bag of rocks, and more gullible than an infant playing peek-a-boo. Cocaine was the drug du jour in the entertainment scene throughout the 1980s. Coke lines would be laid out at parties like so much chips and dip. It is the very definition of impossibility that Whitney lasted the entire 1980s as a celebrity until 1989 (when she met Bobby) without first meeting cocaine. They very idea is nothing short of idiotic. When they met, Whitney was a world-traveling 26-year-old otherwordly megastar; Bobby, a mere 20-year-old boy and New Edition castoff. If anything, it was their running in the same entertainment and coke circles that brought them together. It is a near-surety that Whitney met cocaine long before Bobby did. And it is a complete surety that Houston met coke before she date Bobby. Stop blaming others for her personal demons.

      • October Mist

        I agree that Whitney made her own choices and was most likely into drugs and women long before she met Bobby. She was probably supressing her desire for women and experimenting sexually and with drugs. Bobby did not cause Whitneys demise. He was also not her drug as she claims. All addicts lie and try to blame others for what they do. We have lost a great voice but she was haunted by her demons. She knew the Lord, so she knew right from wrong as most of us do as part of our moral development. She, unfortunately went down the wrong road and continued along the path of unrighteousness. I hope she is at peace. I believe that she is with the Lord and that He has forgiven all of her trespasses. Its heartbreaking that she KNEW she was blessed by God to have such a voice and she threw it away. The wages of sin is death. But death has not the victory for I believe she has risen with Christ.

    • vbabygirl

      The drug abuse had nothing to do with her suxuality. For one, I don’t ever believe that Whitney was ever a straight out homosexual. If anything, she was engaged in experimental bisexuality. Its evident from her long and very passionate relationship with Bobby Brown she had a genuine attraction for men. As far as her drug abuse goes many sources, including Whitney herself, have alluded to her doing drugs BEFORE she met Bobby and that would help explain why they connected in the first place. This has nothing to do with any rumored lesbian relationship or her trying to supress some supoosed homosexual feelings. She was not forced into doing drugs and she clearly had no qualms with marrying, having sex, and producing offspring with Bobby Brown.

    • Moby Dick

      The #1 problem for Whitney Houston is something very few people talk about yet is the absolute truth: she lost her incredible voice in the 90′s. Once she lost that, she felt she had nothing left. It was the loss of her great voice that made her sink into depression. Take a listen to her last album, see how bad her voice got. She was forced to make it. She didn’t want to. It’s like an angel without wings. She was that person. Lesbianism is something someone can easily do on the Down Lo as many many celebrities do. Whitney would hardly have issues there. This article is a bit misplaced there. It’s all about her voice, people…

    • Helen Hardesty

      Tatchell has many complexes with dead black
      people. He likes to exploit the deaths of celebrities to get headlines for
      himself. But he’s especially obsessed with showing his posthumous power over
      people of color , like Malcolm X, by deciding on his own what the
      “truth” about them was. For more on these racist complexes see