• Tue, Feb 21 2012

Naked, Pregnant Model Walks Runway In London

Unexpected boobs are a surefire way to get people talking, and Welsh milliner Robyn Coles took advantage of that fact at her debut show in London over the weekend. To showcase her newest line of hats, Coles didn’t just send nude models down the runway — she sent a nude, pregnant lady down the runway.

Sophia Cahill is about one month before her due date, and she ambled down the catwalk wearing nothing but a blue hat. Coles also used models of varying ages and sizes, and told the Daily Mail that she did so not just so that people could quote the doorman in “Knocked Up,” but because you can be any size and wear a hat.

Oh, and naked people get asses in seats. “As an unknown designer,” she said, “you have to find ways of getting people to your show.”

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  • l

    Beautiful. ‘nuf said

  • Rich Pasco

    She’s absolutely beautiful. Hat? I didn’t notice the hat.

    • Dumas64

      Rich Pasco lets say its daughter, or your daughter in-law in front your friends of age if that picture is you can you really hold your head high and be proud of her nakedness just to sell that hat?

  • P Thmpson

    Hat…ugly. Body….ugly. The whole concept….ridiculous.

    • Gill Bals

      ‘Body….ugly’ ? That’s a really sad comment.

    • Ranch Mubay

      Tats are always tacky on a woman, women are already running to have them removed (the news has already reported the next big money making market is Tattoo Removal), but other than that no problem with how the model looks or the fact she’s nude. Its just not very original or a big deal.

  • Jo Jackson

    I think the model looks stunning and glowing! She must be very brave!
    Nicola Chapman

  • JFK

    i think the organizers need to remind themselves of the scriptures view on dressing especially on women : 1Timo 2:9 9 Likewise I desire the women to adorn themselves in well-arranged dress, with modesty and soundness of mind

    are their husbands aware and happy to see their lovely wives naked before the whole world ?

    • Rich Pasco

      To JFK, re your question “are their husbands aware and happy to see their lovely wives naked before the whole world ?”

      Yes, if she were my wife I would be very proud of her. Remember Genesis 1:27: “So God created man in his own image” and Genesis 2:25: “were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

      My wife and I are naturists and are frequently seen nude. We wear our God-given skin proudly without shame.

  • Kyle S.

    Dang, that is a beautiful lady. I think it’s impressive to see a woman that pregnant with that much poise and grace. And of course, the highbrow/lowbrow collision of a model crossing over from Penthouse to Fashion makes a few interesting artistic statements.

    Also, while I don’t typically care a flip about fashion, but I think I am going to bookmark some of Coles’ hats for the next time I need to generate an impossibly wealthy Shadowrun NPC.

  • self help

    While I think it’s gimmicky on the designer’s part, the model looks great.

  • dk

    she hot

  • Dumas64

    Are humans or the so called first world lost it and is this what we want the the Taliban Afghanistan to accept as new democracy for their women God forbid? Does this render women respected, if yes by who or yes by their sons and daughters of course in years to come?

    • self help

      What the hell are you even talking about?

  • C

    At the risk of sounding like a jerk:

    Am I the only one who noticed how terrifyingly large this woman’s nipples are?

  • Dr. Wolfgang Schlieter

    I admire that beautiful pregnant woman. It´s absolute unusual to go on a catwalk 1 month before due date in the public.

  • Ranch Mubay

    But not very original. Its been done before…several times….mainly because the fashion-industy’s favorite film, 1994′s Pret-a-Porter directed by Robert Altman and starring Julia Roberts, Kim Basinger, Tim Robbins, Lauren Bacall, Lili Taylor and cameos of just about every fashion designer, ended the film with all the models walking the catwalk in the nude, including the finale of a just-about-to-give-birth nude model wearing a bridal hat and carrying a small bouquet. So when I see someone rip off someone idea, years after it has already been done many times, I wonder what part of his designs he ripped off and why would I want to see someone without an original idea. COMPLETE FAIL.

    • Ranch Mubay

      Also an INCOMPLETE to article writer Jessica Pauline Ogilvie for not knowing her subject well enough to make this observation.

    • NudistMaggie

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