Video: Watch Lana Del Rey Yowl Her Way Through Mulberry’s Fashion Week Dinner

Following the near-universal panning of her music, lyrics, and live performances by the music writing intelligentsia (and me), Lana Del Rey continues her retreat into that catch-all sanctuary for glamorous fallen starlets: the fashion world.

Mulberry, which recently gave Lana a backhanded compliment by naming a plain-ass bag after her, hired the wounded chanteuse to sing at their dinner event at London fashion week this past weekend, and sing she did. Just look at the video above! She sure is singing. And she looks so pretty. Do you see how hard I am trying to not be mean?

Anyway, just watch the thing and judge for yourself. Judge, judge, judge.

(Via Jezebel)

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    • Kj


      She isn’t that bad… then again, I recently watched Mamma Mia! on TV and I think I am still recovering from listening to Pierce Brosnan sing (Seriously, never has dubbing been more appropriate or needed!), so probably anything sounds better in comparison.

      Also, her singing kinda sounds like Shakira did when she first started singing in English… kinda confused and not sure of what she is actually singing.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Ugh. She sounds like a cat being skinned alive.
      Shit. Was that mean?

    • Lindsey

      You know what’s really weird about this? How passionately people are against Lana Del Rey.

      Does it really matter that she’s not a good live performer? REALLY? Her recorded stuff is alright. She’s not playing on the radio or playing in the grocery store, you can choose not to listen to her if you want! Really! You can pretend she doesn’t even exist and spend your music-writing energy writing critical reviews of other people instead of beating a ‘the-Internet-hates-Lana-Del-Rey’ dead horse.

      All it does is alienate people who like pressing ‘play’ and listening to her while playing tetris.

      ALSO also semi-related, it’s 2012, there’s the Internet! Does anyone really *need* to be a good live performer if they can produce a product that can easily be enjoyed online, but don’t put much out live are they less of an artist? Places where musicians play are usually dark, smelly, and uncomfortable. And why do musicians need to perform well in front of an audience if they can and do produce something that people like not-live?

      • Jamie Peck

        Sorry you hate music so much!

      • Lindsey

        I don’t hate music. I’ll even say I enjoy music. What I don’t enjoy is how musical taste is used to judge other people!

        And I actually enjoy what I’ve heard from Lana Del Rey. It’s not my favorite and I’m not saying that it’s great art, but it’s much more preferable to silence. Sometimes I’m in the mood to hear her.

        What appalls me is that I see very few articles on her music, but many things just TRASHING her. Is it because it’s easy and everyone is into it? With all the energy people put into not liking her, what could have been done to be positive? Uhm, there could be reviews and suggestions to turn people on to music that the reviewer thought was like her but ‘better’, a different musician could have been spotlighted, or anything else. Unless maybe you live in a world much more different than me where positivity is fucking EVERYWHERE and trashing an artist not to your taste is a refreshing change.

        Also, say there was an actress who but out really good movies and tv shows but she was really mediocre in theatre, would that make her a bad actress?

      • Maggie

        Yes, it does matter if a musician is a good live performer, because that’s when you get to hear how they actually sound. Not the auto-tuned, enhanced version you get on their records or online, but their actual voice. If a musician sounds great on their records but terrible live, then that’s a tell that they aren’t actually that talented, but rather have a great sound mixing team behind them.

        There’s nothing wrong with only listening to the album versions of songs if you have no interest in seeing the musicians live, but I think people are so up in arms about Lana Del Ray because she’s getting all this hype for being “so good!” when in reality, she sucks. In my opinion anyway.

      • Lindsey

        Gosh. This site really isn’t letting me post…

      • Lindsey

        And it just did! Huzzah! I guess I was trying to post things that were too long. And I guess I don’t want to get THAT into it.

        I agree that talent is more important and admirable than computer trickery. However, I would argue that Lana Del Rey has quite a bit of live stuff that shows a quality that’s consistent with her album.

        I think my ultimate point is that the overwhelming majority of the media about her music is negative. She was barely on my radar before I started seeing a lot of hate stuff on her. The ire against her is what compelled me to listen to more of her music. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gaining more of an audience from the negative blog posts than her own media.

        I’ve had so much exposure to why I should hate her, but it only helped me come to like her music!

    • emmyb

      ouch. she sounds like she’s 12 imitating a great singer. too bad. when i saw her Born to Die video, she seemed ok. however, i did think she looked a lot like Ginny (older sister) from Sixteen Candles.

    • johnwill

      Nah, I think she sings quite well on that. This Lana hating is getting bit out of hands, it’s seems to be almost trendy. More on:

    • Abby

      Oh grow up.

      All this LDR-bashing is bordering on tedious now. Some people like her music, others don’t. Guess what? Every other single artist out there is in the same situation.

      Abby @

    • mm

      So you don’t like her because she changed herself (lips/hair/whatever) to become famous? Or you don’t like her music/voice? Does it really matter? She wanted to become a successful, famous singer. She was ambitious… Whether or not you love her music or voice, I would like to hear you sing her songs better than she does. How is it productive AT ALL to constantly bash on other women? So she went for what she wanted and made a few changes to make herself more marketable…is that as bad as say, writing really mean things about other people in a very public platform online? No.

    • Sam

      I just can’t like her music.